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Dow Automotive Systems

Adhesives and sealants for Commercial Transportation

Dow Automotive Systems is a provider of technology solutions for the automotive industry. With a full range of products and technologies that enhance safety, increase the duration, improve energy efficiency, and enhance quality and appeal while reducing manufacturing costs. Antala is the only official distributor of the brand in Spain and Portugal, with a close relationship with the leading technology solutions for the automotive brand.

History of Dow Automotive Systems:

Although it’s formal organization as a business group dates back to 1988, the partnership of Dow Automotive Systems to the automotive industry dates back to 1919, year in which Herbert Dow introduced the metal pistons made of magnesium to equip cars higher speed and efficiency. As technologies and products have evolved, Dow Automotive Systems has continued to provide scientifically proven solutions with chemical basis for setting increasingly safe, clean, durable, efficient and attractive vehicles, such as polyurethane foam.

For example, the company has accumulated a long list of firsts such as developing the first adhesive system for direct glazing and the first structural adhesive capable of sticking aluminium roofs steel bodies. Dow Automotive Systems was also one of the first suppliers of the automotive market to offer solutions of polyurethane.

Nowadays, is a technology-driven solutions provider offering products and technologies that bolster safety and health performance, improve energy efficiency and enhance quality and appeal, while reducing manufacturing costs.

Therefore, offer polyurethanes, films, brake fluids, crash-durable adhesives and acoustic-management materials to fit any industrial applications.

The company  works with more than 700 creative-minded people, located in more than 40 cities ready to listen and support any needs in the passenger vehicle, commercial transportation or aftermarket industries.

It also has introduced a long line of firsts, including the development of the first direct glazing adhesive system and the first structural adhesives capable of bonding aluminium roofs to steel bodies. Dow Automotive Systems was also among the first automotive suppliers to provide polyurethane foam solutions.

Dow Automotive BETASEAL

Dow Automotive Systems

Dow Automotive

Technology solutions for the automotive industry

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Dow Automotive Brochure


Dow Automotive Betaseal

Dow Automotive BETASEAL

Lightweigth Structural Bonding


Dow Automotive Comercial transportation

Dow Automotive Comercial transportation

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Dow Automotive Systems – Betabrade F1

One of the biggest problems currently facing those in the auto glass replacement is silicone contamination, affecting most aftermarket automotive glass. Silicone residues deposited during the manufacturing process, interfere with the adhesive bond. That is a major cause of water inlets after replacing the windscreen..

Dow Automotive Structural Bonding in lightweight vehicle design

Dow Automotive teaming up with Schucker to show how structural bonding in modern car body design provides safety and weight benefits.


Car moon replacement process with the new Dow Automotive products BETAPRIME ™ 5504G and BETABRADE F1 developed for market requirements.

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