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Huntsman Advanced Materials

Epoxies, composites, methacrylates and polyurethanes

Huntsman Advanced Materials is a leading global systems of synthetic polymers formulated for customers who require high-performance materials that exceed by far the properties, functionality and durability of traditional materials supplier. Structural bonding techniques Huntsman Araldite ® epoxy adhesives, occupy a key position in the engineering industry. More and more engineers in their own struggle against the clock to develop and market lighter and more durable products, resort to industrial adhesives of Huntsman Araldite to address complex design problems. The security afforded by its 60 years of experience as a pioneer in the technology of epoxy adhesives and industrial adhesives, Araldite Huntsman has developed a complete range of adhesives to meet the new challenges of engineering. This range based on three chemicals (epoxy, polyurethane and methacrylate), provides a superior grip and adhesion to plastics, metals and composites under the trade name Araldite ®.

Huntsman Araldite History

The first synthesis of bisphenol A epoxy resins dates from 1936 and its discovery is shared by Dr. Pierre Castan (Switzerland) and Dr. SO Greenlee (United States). Dr. Castan’s work was sold by the Swiss company Ciba, Ltd., which became one of the top three global producers of epoxy resins. Epoxies business Ciba was sold in late 1990 and now belongs to the unity of advanced materials business of Huntsman Corporation.

Huntsman Araldite as distinct chemical adhesives manufacturer worldwide, has approximately 12,000 employees and operates from multiple locations around the world, with an extensive network of distributors which Antala is the head of Huntsman Araldite in UK and Ireland.

More than 9,000 companies worldwide that use technology glues, adhesives and two-component epoxy resins of Huntsman Advanced Materials in numerous key sectors: adhesives and inks, aerospace, automotive, coatings, construction, electronics, health sector, marine engineering, transmission and distribution, sports equipment and wind power generation.

Huntsman Araldite

Antala adhesives

Epoxies, methacrylates, composites and polyurethanes


Huntsman Araldite Brochures

Epoxis, Metacrilates and Polyurethanes

Epoxies Polyurethanes Methacrylates

Araldite 2000+ Selection Guide

araldite 2000 plus

Huntsman Araldite Aerospace

Huntsman Electronics Selection Guide

Huntsman araldite Electronics

Huntsman Power Selection Guide

Huntsman Power adhesives

Huntsman Resin Composite Systems 

Huntsman Resin Composite Systems

Huntsman Araldite Railway Industry

Adhesives for the Rail Sector

Huntsman Araldite Automotive Industry

Araldite Automotive Industry Brochure

Huntsman Araldite adhesives technology

Araldite adhesives technology

Surface preparation and pretreatments

Araldite Surface preparation and pretreatments

Composites technology mass production

Wind Industry Selector Guide

Araldite wind industry

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Huntsman Araldite News

Other brands of Huntsman Advanced Materials

Aradur ®

Huntsman Aradur curing agents are supplied in liquid or solid form and may be used in conjunction with Araldite epoxy resins to achieve a wide range of thermal, mechanical and electrical properties. This collection of curing agents include high performance reactive polyamides, polyamide amines, aliphatic amines, cycloaliphatic amines, aromatic amines, anhydrides and novolaks.

Arathane ®

The Huntsman Arathane brand represents high performance systems for use in polyurethane applications encapsulation and insulation for electronic components, electro impregnation of the composites, and as an adhesive in other markets.

Epibond ®

Epibond epoxy adhesives are designed for aerospace applications insertion and encapsulation of electronic surface mount applications which require resistance to flame, high hardness or tensile strength.

Epocast ®

The epoxy syntactic Huntsman Epocast high-performance systems are designed to reinforce composite panels honeycomb aircraft floors, walls, kitchens and more. These products are available in versions auto extinguish or flame retardants to comply with FAA regulations.

Huntsman Epocast lamination systems are designed for use in the manufacture and repair of composite domes, fairings, flight control surfaces, position and cockpit panels. These systems offer many excellent mechanical resistance and are flame retardants.

Uralane ®

Uralane® the polyurethane adhesives are designed for high strength joints on acrylics, plastics and metals used mainly in aircraft interior joints.

The Huntsman Uralane adhesives are available in flame retardant to meet strict flammability requirements.

Ren ®

The product family Huntsman Ren tools plays an important role in how the prototypes, tooling and production components are helped to bring products to market faster. Ren products include:

  • Blocks mechanization and modelling epoxy and polyurethane RenShape
  • Epoxy Curing Agents / Hardeners Ren
  • Materials epoxy paste Huntsman RenPaste
  • Mold release agents based on silicone and silicone free Huntsman RenLease
  • laminating resins Huntsman RenLam
  • Polyurethane systems encapsulated Huntsman RenCast
  • Systems of surface coating Huntsman RenGel
  • Polyurethane casting systems “Parts in Minutes” Huntsman RenPim

Huntsman Araldite Videos

Araldite 2014-1 structural adhesive

Araldite 2014-1 structural adhesive is a two component, room temperature curing, thixotropic paste adhesive of high strength with good environmental and excellent chemical resistance.Used for bonding of metals, electronic components, GRP structures and many other items where a higher than normal temperature or more aggressive environment is to be encountered in service. The low out gassing makes this product suitable for specialist electronic telecommunication and aerospace applications.

Araldite 2031 epoxy adhesive application on different substrates

Araldite 2031 is a two component epoxy adhesive, which cures at room temperature and provides a elastic bonding. It is thixotropic and non sagging up to 10mm thickness. It is particularly suitable for bonding metals and composites. It also has good adhesion on polyamides.

Electronic encapsulation with Arathane

Resin enclosure system to protect semiconductor devices from external influences (humidity, dust, vibration, shock), allowing the sending and receiving of signals and improving handling and assembly. Application Transformers, filters, capacitors etc.


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