SMP (Silane Modified Polymers) Adhesives & Sealants

merz+benteli ( Merbenit ) is known as a multi-faceted manufacturer of adhesives and sealants for a broad range of applications in industry, construction and home.

Merbenit Silane-modified polymers (SMPs) are especially suited to application in boat and ship building, but they are also appropriate in industry, even as extra-strength construction adhesives.

The Merbenit product range features all-purpose adhesives and sealants, special weather-resistant adhesives and joint sealants for ships, adhesives for use in food-related areas, specifically for car windows, self-cleaning glass, sprayable adhesives for use on large surfaces, a particularly lightweight sealant for the transportation sector that helps save fuel thanks to its reduced weight, and so on. Of course, new products are constantly being developed. Sealants and adhesives for white goods, industry, shipbuilding and automotive industries.

Merbenit History

Merz + Benteli AG launched in the year 1986 their first MS Polymer, developing and innovating for more than twenty years based adhesives and sealants high quality SMP (Silane Modified Polymers).

When we talk about adhesives SMP, Merz + Benteli AG is a pioneer, being a European leader of elastic adhesives.

In the eighties Merz + Benteli ag SMP products introduced in the market and currently offers the widest range of hybrid SMP market.

The success of our customers and interacting with them an incentive to develop new products and applications for current and future needs sealing and adhesion in the industrial world.

For decades in the production centre in Switzerland Merz + Benteli AG the highest levels of quality, performance and environmental sustainability are applied.

Antala is the official distributor for Merbenit in UK, with many years of experience.
With the development of adhesives and sealants based SMP (Silane Modified Polymers) combine the advantages of polyurethanes and silicones eliminating some of its drawbacks. SMP (Silane Modified Polymers) resist the more stringent the requirements for high performance connections elasticity under severe ageing and weathering under UV.

Nowadays, Merz+Benteli-Merbenit as a specialist for adhesive and sealing materials they offer years of experience, high quality polymer adhesives, user friendliness and ecological properties of all the products.


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SMP (Silane Modified Polymers) Adhesives & Sealants

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