Our Markets

Antala industry

General Industry

Antala offers a wide range of products that provide solutions to most design problems that engineers must face every day. Solutions for excellent bonding plastics, metals and composites that enable assemble different substrates and withstand loads with a more homogeneous stress distribution and increased fatigue resistance.

Aviation products


Our products are developed to meet the exact specifications of aircraft manufacturers and have their approval. They are used in all phases of the life cycle, from design to manufacturing OEM original parts for passenger planes, helicopters, regional aircraft and other aviation applications. You can trust our proven solutions.

Power energy Antala

Power and Energy

Showcasing the newest, cutting edge developments in equipment, products, systems and services directly applicable to the power generation industries,
There are very few industries where the demands are as high as in the energy sector since the components are exposed to all kinds of attacks that can affect production processes.

Antala automotive

Automotive Products

We offer a wide range of structural adhesives and other high-performance solutions for manufacturers that need great strength, reduce noise pollution, reduce the final weight and at the same time, reduce the costs of production processes without compromising security, delivering the best results in each application.

Antala truck

Commercial Transportation

Antala provides solutions that meet the most demanding requirements of manufacturing and operation of commercial vehicles. Helping to improve durability, increase corrosion resistance, reduce vehicle weight and other security features. We highlight our elastic and structural adhesives.

Antala railway


Our products for the railway industry consist of a wide range of solutions for bonding, sealing, lubrication and pavements and locksmith for all segments of the rail industry, from high-speed trains, national and regional, metro, suburban and freight trains to their infrastructure.

Antala Marine


The conditions at sea may be adverse: cold, heat, wind and waves, seawater and high mechanical loads impact incessantly moving parts on board ships. Under these circumstances, the products can reach their limits work. That’s why we bring solutions to withstand the most adverse conditions.

Antala filters


A variety of applications for high performance filters. Antala products are used for sealing seams and stabilize the folds of the filters and to secure the caps or structures to the folds. They can be used in: Oil filters / fuel, hydraulic filters, chemical filters, air filters, screens and sieves among many others.

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