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ANTALA Ltd. Terms and Conditions of Trading



  • Unless expressly agreed between the parties the delivery time for standard and available product, is 24-72 hours.
  • The delayed delivery times or dates specified, may not result in a penalty.
  • All orders aim to arrive the following day or 48h if the order is placed before 2.00 pm (TNT/UPS Only).


  • Sales operations will be paused for customers who´s outstanding bills are more than 60 days.
  • All deferred payments over 30 days will be made by immediate bank transfer.
  • Payment documents (cheques and remittances advices), should be submitted no later than 15 days after the issue date of the invoice.
  • Cost arising from returning cheques (Bank Charges) whose causes not attributable to ANTALA LTD., always will be passed to the customer.
  • In the event of default or delay in receipt of payment documents, ANTALA LTD. automatically block all orders placed.


United Kingdom Mainland

  • Existing customers: Carriage charge £12.00 (Carriage paid on orders over £200) excluding VAT.
  • Shipping will be completed by our standard couriers.

Ireland and Isle of ManCarriage charged (advised on request)


  • Box quantities apply.


  • For any issues regarding the quality or specifications of the product, it is essential to fill the Discrepancy Form attach a copy of the label or in his absence, the batch number according to
  • ISO 9001. ANTALA LTD. Will not attend any claim without this information.
  • ANTALA LTD. will not accept any claims for products handled.


  • When a Purchaser accepts the delivery of our products they become the sole responsibility (continent and content) of the Purchaser.
  • The continuous technical advances allow us to adapt our products to the needs of professionals who use them. ANTALA LTD. reserves the right to make, without notice, such modifications dimensional, structural and all other practices which enable us to offer a better and more efficient service.
  • This is a business information document and the data contained is not contractual.
  • For any questions and/or actions arising from the sale by ANTALA LTD. will be subject to UK Law.
  • You are encouraged to familiarise yourself with your rights contained within the Sale of Goods Act 1979, Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 and the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999.
  • If you wish to purchase any product or service, you may be asked to supply certain information relevant to your Purchase including, without limitation, your credit card number, the expiration date of your credit card, your billing address, and your shipping information.
  • You represent and warrant that: (i) you have the legal right to use any credit card(s) or other payment method(s) in connection with any Purchase; and that (ii) the information you supply to us is true, correct and complete. You expressly agree that ANTALA LTD. is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from the submission of false or inaccurate information.
  • By submitting such information, you grant us the right to provide the information to third parties for purposes of facilitating the completion of Purchases.
  • We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order at any time for certain reasons including but not limited to: product or service availability, errors in the description or price of the product or service, error in your order or other reasons. You expressly agree that ANTALA LTD. cannot accept any liability for loss or damage arising out of such cancellation.
  • We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order if fraud or an unauthorised or illegal transaction is suspected.


  • If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us on 0161 494 1345.
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