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Achieving Premium Metal-to-Metal Lubrication With MOLYKOTE® P-1042

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MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Adhesive Grease Paste

MOLYKOTE® P-1042 has a high load-carrying ability with great washout resistance for enhanced productivity; as well as outstanding resistance to washout by water and metal-machining emulsions.

MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Adhesive Grease Paste was initially developed for industrial lathe chucks, which require constant clamping force in harsh environments. Because manufacturers use more aggressive cooling fluids in metal machinery and clamping mechanisms – highly washout-resistant lubricants with reliable tribological performance are required to reduce downtime and minimise relubrication cycles.

MOLYKOTE® P-1042 is a light-coloured grease paste combined with solid lubricants, designed for sliding surfaces exposed to high-pressure loadings and subjected to the influence of water or metal-machining emulsions. With a formula that is tailored to properly lubricate clamping mechanisms, MOLYKOTE® P-1042 allows manufacturers to deliver consistent clamping force. Additionally, it does not produce hardening issues during service.

A Direct Response to Market Needs & Trends

In demanding industrial environments, lubricants must retain their performance under greater production and environmental stresses; allowing for optimised durability and maintenance schedules to limit unexpected downtime and optimise maintenance and repair processes.

MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Adhesive Grease Paste has a patented formula specifically designed to:

  • Provide superior high load-carrying capability
  • Properly lubricate clamping mechanisms
  • Exhibit superior tackiness on metal and metallic surfaces for longer-term performance
  • Offer resistance to washout by water and steam – designed to tolerate humid environments while under high temperatures
  • Does not experience hardening issues during service

dge blog_Molykote P1042_industrial

Balanced for Clamping Tools

The use of more aggressive cooling fluids in metal machinery requires the use of lubricants that are highly resistant to those fluids while retaining tribological performance.

  • Patented formula designed to properly lubricate clamping mechanisms
  • Offers resistance to washout by water and by modern cooling fluids applied on the tool; providing a constant level of desired clamping force
  • Enables manufacturers of lathe chucks to supply a clamping unit with constant performance in terms of desired clamping force, reduced downtime and lower relubrication cycles
  • Does not experience hardening issues during service


MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Adhesive Grease Paste_1


Potential in Demanding Metal-to-Metal Applications

MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Adhesive Grease Paste offers:

  • High load-carrying capacity
  • Superior tackiness for excellent adhesion to metallic surfaces
  • Outstanding resistance to washout by water and metal machining emulsions
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Tribo-corrosion avoidance
  • Stick-slip prevention
  • Excellent protection against galling

MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Adhesive Grease Paste

Load-Carrying Capacity

  • 4-ball test machine
  • DIN 51350 pt. 4

MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Adhesive Grease Paste

Anti-Wear Performance

  • 4-ball test machine
  • DIN 51350 pt. 5
  • 1 hr @ 800 N


MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Adhesive Grease Paste

Corrosion Protection & Water Resistance

Emcor corrosion protection test

DIN 51802, 7 days, distilled water
Rating: 0 (no corrosion)

MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Adhesive Grease Paste__protection test

Water washout test

ASTM D1264,
1 hr @ 80°C
< 5 wt%

MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Adhesive Grease Paste_washout test

Water emulsion test

Able to absorb up to 30 wt% of water without loss of consistency

MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Adhesive Grease Paste_emulsion test

Static Machining Fluid Compatibility Test

The grease was submerged in machining fluid emulsion at 23°C and occasionally stirred by hand to test whether it can be dissolved in the emulsion.

MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Adhesive Grease Paste_static machining fluid compatibility test

Technical Data

MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Adhesive Grease Paste_techinical data


Key features

  • High load-carrying capacity
  • Strong adhesion to metal surfaces
  • Outstanding resistance to washout by water and by metal-machining emulsions
  • Avoids tribo-corrosion
  • Excellent protection against galling

Benefits to customers

  • In clamping tools: Provides desired, sustained level of clamping force with reduced downtime and relubrication cycles
  • In metal-to-metal applications under high load: Provides extended durability, including in hot, humid or wet environments

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