ACS & KTW certificates for Molykote® 111 compound & Molykote® G-5511

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What is the KTW certificate?

KTW (Plastics in Drinking Water, Kunststoff-Trinkwasser) is a publication of the German Federal Office for the environment that defined the hygienic requirements for plastics and silicone used in contact with drinking water (Kontakt mit Trinkwasser). As a result, the purpose of the KTW – W270 certification is to certify that the elements of the product in contact with drinking water have been tested and approved by German laboratories (TZW and DVGW) in accordance with the UBA (Umwelt Bundesamt) guide. Germany recognises the KTW and W270 standards as the two main certifications when it comes to drinking water.

Why is it important?

Drinking water is one of the most controlled food and beverage products. Product materials in contact with drinking water can generate microbial growth and impurities or contaminants. This, in turn, creates a serious health risk and also a threat to the environment.

What materials are evaluated?

The KTW certificate is a hygienic evaluation guide for the following plastics:

  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Cross-linked polyethylene
  • Polyester
  • Polyurethane
  • Polybutylene
  • Polyvinyl chloride
  • Post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride
  • Polyamide
  • Silicones

Who carries out the certification?

The German company HyCert carries out certifications for the drinking water sector according to the KTW 1.3.13 regulation. The tests carried out by the responsible laboratories are the following: odour, taste and appearance of the water. This certification is awarded for a period of five years.

What is the Certificate of Sanitary Conformity (ACS)?

It is an official French authorisation, which certifies the conformity of a material intended to distribute drinking water. The French State requires, that all materials used must be accompanied by a Certificate of Sanitary Conformity, by virtue of the modified decree of May 29, 1997 and the circulars of the Ministry of Health DGS / VS4 n ° 99/217 of April 12, 1999 and DGS / VS4 n ° 2000/232 of April 27, 2000, to guarantee the quality of drinking water intended for human consumption.

What is its validity period?

ACS are issued with a validity period (1 to 5 years). From this date, the operators (manufacturers, operators of water treatment plants, transport and storage facilities) must ensure that the materials, equipment or preparations that are delivered to them comply with the regulation. For that, they must require the Certificates of Sanitary Conformity of all the products they buy and install.

Who is affected by this regulation?

To comply with the requirements, the industry must acquire the Certificate of Sanitary Conformity for any equipment that is in contact with water in distribution networks intended for human consumption.

What authority issues the ACS certificate?

This certificate can only be granted by a laboratory authorised by the French Ministry of Health. It is issued after tests are carried out to ensure that no component has migrated into the water. Indeed, this migration could generate an alteration of the properties or cause the development of toxic components, which would make the transported water unfit for consumption.

Find out more about Molykote products

Molykote 111

Molykote 111 Compound is a lubricant and sealant with good resistance to most chemicals and excellent water resistance. This product is a sealant for vacuum and pressure systems that is applied to lubricate valves and fittings. It is compatible with rubbers and plastics and is ideal for outdoor equipment.

Molykote G-5511

Molykote G-5511 is a silicone-based lubricant designed for application on water taps and gas valves. It also complies with the regulations of water regulation (BS6920: 2000), ACS, NSF / ANSI 61 Standard and the DVGW gas certification.

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