Adhesives for Repairs in Extreme Conditions

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extreme conditions repairIn this article we break down the 5 primary factors that are crucial to control when approaching the maintenance and repair process in challenging weather conditions. These provided tips, combined with the use of the new Araldite® 2050 and Araldite® 2051 acrylate adhesives for extreme conditions, ensure a smooth transition from the starting point of the damage to the finished repaired job. We will explore how to get the most out of work times and minimize the number of hours spent in these cases.

Carefully handling downtime and resource utilization is of high significance within maintenance and repair as it’s the main difference between loss and profit. This is especially difficult when external factors such as challenging weather conditions start to affect the repair work, which can be a frequent occurrence in offshore, icy, high salt or high wind applications. For example, a single day’s downtime in an offshore storage production unit, producing 100,000 barrels a day at £50 each, can lead to a £5 million loss of revenue for the company.

offshore repairTherefore, it is vital to optimize how you approach your repairs and maintenance to ensure that the best results are achieved, practically and economically, especially in demanding external conditions. As a result, there is a growing need to perform these jobs when necessary, instead of waiting for the preferred repair seasons, through the use of adhesives for extreme conditions.

1. Assessment


Accurate assessing and reporting of all damages to be repaired is difficult to achieve in demanding conditions, making it near-impossible to review the damages before starting. It is essential to learn more about how to assess problems as soon as possible so that they can be repaired with minimal downtime and a positive impact on productivity. Read our dedicated article to this factor here.

2. Planning


The timing options available for repair and maintenance may be restricted in demanding weather conditions; for example, if the conditions are predicted to get even more extreme, the chances of a safe repair job are reduced. Additionally, risk assessment protocols and the types of repairs that can be carried out may be affected by difficult conditions also. Therefore, it is essential that the planning procedure is carried out as efficiently and effectively as possible. Mastering this factor will allow you to both extend your repair windows and get the jobs done as fast as possible as soon as they are available. Read our dedicated article to this factor here.

3. Repair Team

repair team

It takes more than skilled technicians to ensure optimal results in repair jobs. There are several factors which involve and affect the repair team, such the initial distance from the team to the repair site, the correct utilization of the team, and the cost of hiring. It’s essential that the repair team is skillful, available and used effectively. Read our dedicated article to this factor here.

4. Repair Solutions

repair solutions

Choosing the perfect solutions in the short repair window available can be especially challenging in difficult weather conditions. It can often be the case that the repair solution you have in mind is not compatible with the physical conditions present at the repair site during your given time frame. Read our dedicated article to this factor here.

5. Required Support

required support

Additional support may be needed in difficult weather conditions on top of the usual equipment – including, but not limited to, heat blankets for efficient curing and security platforms in high winds. How can you manage your extra support to reduce the costs, the time and the steps taken to make successful repairs. Read our dedicated article to this factor here.

Are you looking for adhesives for repairs in extreme conditions? Araldite 2050 and Araldite 2051 are the perfect acrylate adhesives for extreme conditions.

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Making repairs in extreme conditions

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