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Araldite 2021-1 the MMA adhesive for the wind energy sector.

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Huntsman manufactures and markets a wide range of specific adhesives for the wind energy sector, which are recommended for use in production, maintenance and repair processes.

  • Araldite 2021-1, has a very fast cure which allows a quick manipulation of the adhesives.
  • The Araldite 2021-1 structural adhesive offers high shear and peel strength.
    In addition, Araldite bicomponent structural adhesives have low shrinkage and excellent mechanical strength, very suitable for very large surfaces.
  • Low exothermic properties improve performance through low shrinkage and decrease of residual stress in the final set.

Manufacturers and technicians of the wind energy industry, using the industrial adhesives Araldite 2021-1 achieve high yields, reduced downtime and increased productivity.
Among Araldite adhesives for the wind sector, Araldite 2021-1 is a general purpose, methacrylate based, two component adhesive and cured at ambient temperature for quick assembly operations on a wide variety of substrates.


Araldite 2021-1 Key Properties

  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of plastics, composites and metals
  • High shear and peel strength
  • Very good resistance to chemicals and water
  • Very fast curing and filling capacity
  • Suitable for use at temperatures up to 100ºC

Application of the adhesive Araldite 2021-1

  • The resin / hardener mixture is applied directly to the pre-treated and dried bonding surfaces.
  • With a layer of adhesive 0.10-0.20 mm thick, the shear strength will normally be imparted to the joint, although joints up to 4 mm thick can be assembled.
  • Note that adhesive layers with a thickness greater than 4 mm will react very strongly during curing, generating large amounts of heat.
  • The parts to be joined must be assembled and fixed as soon as the adhesive has been applied.
  • Uniform contact pressure throughout the bonding area will ensure optimum curing.

Other Araldite adhesives for Wind Energy

Huntsman fabricates and showcases a scope of authority adhesives for the Wind part which is suggested for use in the generation, support and repair forms.

Expanding efficiency in the drive to diminish process durations and cut expenses

Araldite epoxy innovations convey the qualities of long pot life, quick quality develop and high lap shear quality that wind industry applications request, commonly:

  • Shell Bonding
  • Repair, sealing and fixing
  • Binding.

Araldite adhesives offer speedier quality develop and a flexible bond that produces superior joints.

Low exothermic properties additionally upgrade execution through low shrinkage and decreasing of remaining worry in the completed joint.

Makers and administrators in the Wind energy business utilizing Araldite modern adhesives can, in this way, anticipate steady elevated expectations of execution, lessened downtime and higher profitability.

Other Araldite adhesives for Wind Energy

Araldite AV 4076-1 / Hardener HV 5309-1 Toughened
Resistant to weathering
For root joint steel insert bonding
Araldite 2015 For bonding of lightning conductor, monitor sensors
Ideal for dissimilar substrates
Germanischer Lloyd (GL) certified
Araldite 2014-1 Bonding tip, control shaft components
High temperature and weathering resistance
Ideal for metals
Araldite 2021-1 Very fast setting
Tough adhesive for rapid fixing and filling of small voids
Araldite 2022-1 Medium open time and fast curing
Tough adhesive for field/workshop operations
Araldite 2029-1 Medium open time
Filling holes
High flexibility and strength


Araldite wind industry
Wind Industry Selector Guide (.pdf)

Serving worldwide wind industry for more than a decade

Designed to operate under demanding conditions

Wind is the world’s fastest-growing energy source and will power industry and businesses with clean, renewable electricity.
Today, the design of wind turbines are becoming larger and increasingly sophisticated, to operate under highly demanding conditions in locations offshore and in cold and/or warm climates.
Huntsman Advanced Materials is passionate in improving quality of life for people around the world.
Since more than a decade, the company focused on supporting the green energy value chain.
The Research and Development as well as technical support teams have worked close with the industry and all major wind energy equipment manufacturers to develop the advanced technology that improve strength / weight ratios and fatigue requirements. Nowadays, the company has all the right technologies and high performance products that the industry requires.

Blade pre-production to generation, transmission and distribution of energy

From mold to blade production, we offer the added value of combined application expertise, understanding of the whole manufacturing process and products ranging from tooling materials
for making plugs and patterns.
Composite resins include the comprehensive standard product range, as well as custom materials formulated to answer specific project requirements.
Adhesives for wind turbine assembly, ancillary bonding applications and field repair are available.
Last but not the least, Huntsman Advanced materials also supports the power generation, transmission and distribution of the wind energy industry. The systems can be applied in a lot of insulation components of wind power electricity networks.

Other versatile product ranges of Advanced Materials solutions

RenShape modeling boards and tooling boards


  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion for enhanced dimensional
  • stability over a broad range of temperatures

RenPaste modeling paste and seamless modeling paste
  • Easy milling with CNC machines
  • High surface quality
  • Cost effective
  • Low exothermic product with rapid cure, low shrinkage, excellent dimensional stability and excellent adhesion to (without pretreated) EPS is available

Araldite and RenLam backing layer
  • Good heat resistance up to 180°C
  • Easy to apply by wet lay-up and infusion
  • Good wetting properties with fi bres

RenGel surface coating
  • Easy to mix and brush
  • Thixotropic surface coat features excellent hand-up properties
  • and impact resistance.
  • Heat resistance up to 180°C
  • Can be polished gelcoat is available, excellent surface quality after polishing

Araldite and Aradur matrix systems suitable for various processes
  • Wet lay-up follow up vacuum bagging
  • Infusion
  • Filament winding
  • Prepreg

Araldite adhesives are suitable for:
  • Blade assembly
  • Assembly of load bearing components
  • Maintenance and repairing

Product profile of Araldite adhesives are included Epoxy, MMA and PU-based.Toughened adhesives are available.
Araldite casting systems have supported the electrical industry for more than 60 years.
The systems are suitable for insulating:
  • Motors and generators
  • Switchgears
  • Instrument transformers
  • Distribution transformers
  • Insulators and Bushings
  • Composite insulator rods and tubes
  • Composite insulator sheds

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