Araldite 252-1 – New Product

New Product – Araldite 252-1

From the 1st November 2017, we will be launching the Araldite 252-1 as an alternative to Araldite 252 and Araldite 255. Huntsman have been working in collaboration with Airbus to formulate Araldite 252-1 to replace Araldite 252 which is expected to meet the requirements for both ASNA 4072 /AIMS 10-03-005 specifications. The qualification process is close to finalization.

These changes are part of the Huntsman programme to provide adhesives that are more user-friendly and sustainable. Manufacturing of the Araldite 252 and 255 will stop because of a substance in the product that is becoming severely restricted and more sustainable alternatives are being developed.

Unfortunately, Huntsman do not have a direct alternative to Araldite 255, however they will continue to supply it as long as the raw materials are available. The last production is expected to become obsolete by Q2 2018. An alternative offer for Araldite 255 is Araldite 252-1.

Araldite 252 and Araldite 255 will be available on a made to order basis for a short period after this date for customers with special requirements, but this should only be for exceptional circumstances and may carry an extended lead time. We recommend that you start planning, monitoring and reviewing product stock levels to ensure a smooth transition.

Technical data sheets are available upon request.

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