How to Improve Your Assessment Process for Challenging Conditions

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In this post we are going to explore how to improve your assessment process for challenging conditions and assess industrial problems as soon as they happen so that their repairs can be carried out with minimal downtime and a positive impact on productivity.

When dealing with repairs and maintenance in difficult weather conditions such as high winds, extreme temperatures, or storms, accurate assessment and reporting of all damages caused becomes a hard problem to navigate without expert knowledge. The tips provided in this article, combined with the use of the new Araldite® 2050 and Araldite® 2051 acrylate adhesives for demanding conditions, can lead to a more consolidated approach to the assessment process for challenging conditions.

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Tips to improve your assessment process

  • Drones and robots can be used to assess areas which would be usually inaccessible by humans or very costly and dangerous to access. Due to being remote controlled, autonomous, flexible, strong, quick and small machines, robots or drones can provide many benefits over trying to make people carry out the assessment. They can be resistant to extreme temperatures and operate for long periods of time continuously only with a battery. Additionally, if damaged because of the harsh conditions, no human life is at risk and they can be easily replaced.
  • Predictive systems of maintenance can help reduce costs and time in assessing potential repairs, as well as leading to more reliable results. By being able to predict periods of maintenance, instead of waiting for problems to arise before trying to fix them, the entire assessment process can be handled more efficiently and effectively.
  • High precision sensors can offer regular, periodic tracking of damages and real-time data assessments, even in bad weather. Installing a wide range of accurate sensors at your site can lead to huge volumes of useful data.
  • Regular monitoring of data outputs can help with assessing whether a damage is likely to happen and the extent of its intensity, e.g. the tracking of wind speeds on a wind farm can be used to predict the likeliness of a wind turbine blade getting damaged.
  • Constantly being on the lookout for upcoming technologies that aim to provide creative solutions to the assessment problem is an essential step if you want to keep your assessment process up to date.

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Advantages of having a more thought-out assessment process

  • Downtime will be reduced significantly due to easier understanding of the damages caused.
  • Productivity will be increased due to more efficient reporting.
  • Expensive large-scale repairs can be avoided by correctly monitoring and tracking data.
  • Lifespan of assets would be lengthened due to prevention and better handled repair assessments.

Case Study

A client of Huntsman required routine inspections in areas that were very difficult for people to access. The inspections needed a weather-proof solution that worked in all weathers and provided greatly accurate data without the use of Wi-Fi. Consequently, the solution picked by the team was a waterproof, robust robot, called ANYbotics C, which was equipped with various sensors and could function autonomously. The robot could also send and receive data with ease, enabling the team to interpret and report the data efficiently and effectively.

drone maintenance
If you are looking to improve your entire repair process for challenging conditions, Araldite 2050 and Araldite 2051 are the perfect acrylate adhesives for this purpose.

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Making repairs in extreme conditions

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