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In Antala we have a long journey with some of the most important OEMs and TIERs in the sector. Providing solutions that help improve their production processes, innovation in designs, weight reduction, compliance with safety standards, and lower costs, critical factors for success. We offer you a personalized technical support service and we can help you find the most economical solution for your needs, from the performance of an OEM test to the reduction of costs of your manufacturing process.

Automotive adhesives & selants

We have a wide range of industrial adhesives and sealants that improve the performance of vehicles. Our adhesives are designed to provide your joints and assemblies with great robustness, reducing the costs of production processes and without affecting safety. Thanks to our adhesive technologies for automotive, the installation of elements such as door panels, dashboards, pillars and other interior components of vehicles is faster, simpler and smarter.

Automotive Industry Electronic products

We offer you a large selection of the best brands of pottings, encapsulants, lacquers, sealants and varnishes for the electronic protection of automotive components. These products are coating and protection materials that are applied to PCBs (printed circuit boards) to protect them from impacts, corrosion and external conditions.

We face the challenges of the automotive sector

Reduction of emissions

Reducing the weight of vehicles thanks to the use of adhesives reduces fuel consumption. On the other hand, the use of a good lubricant helps correct operation.

Acceleration of curing cycles

With the use of our adhesive technology you get a great initial green resistance that allows you to reduce the times of your production chain.

Durability under dynamic stresses

Our adhesives for the automotive sector offer the best resistance to dynamic efforts, be it tear, peel or shear stress.

Resistance to impacts and wear

The use of high performance adhesives and encapsulants in vehicles helps to resist impacts while lubricants reduce the wear of the most important components.

Weight reduction or Lightweighting

The ability to join materials such as composites reduces the weight of the vehicle and improves energy efficiency by designing much lighter vehicles.

More comfort while driving

The use of suitable lubricants and adhesives, help reduce noise, vibration and rigidity of materials (NVH) and improve comfort.

Greater security

By keeping the most inaccessible components functioning as designed, safety is increased and vehicle performance is improved.

Increase reliability

Optimize performance by providing unions and an efficient and long-lasting lubrication supporting the most severe operating conditions.


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