Antala are a trusted technical partner in the automotive industry, with extensive knowledge and experience of working with automotive manufacturers and tiers across the sector. 

With a strong focus on the latest design requirements and performance demands, we provide a full suite of OEM approved bonding, joining and sealing solutions for interior and exterior applications. 

We understand the key challenges faced in the industry and offer solutions that improve production processes, innovation in design, weight reduction, compliance with safety standards, and lower costs. Our technical team will work with you from diagnosis to implementation to ensure the best solution meets your needs.

Automotive industry - Technologies

We offer industrial adhesives, sealants and surface treatments designed to improve the performance of vehicles and to meet industry regulations. The range includes adhesives with long open times, resistance to temperature as well as lightweight, elastic and impact-resistant solutions.

Automotive industry - Applications

For over 20 years, our automotive solutions have been used by OEM manufacturers to meet design requirements and performance demands. We provide solutions for structural bonding, direct glazing, automotive trim, engine and powertrain and sealing and protection for the modern car. 

automotive industry - featured products

Meeting the challenges of the automotive industry


Our adhesives enable sustainable materials such as carbon fibre composites to be bonded, helping to reduce weight and lower emissions.

Improve Cycle Times

Using the Antala range, reduce spot welds and achieve fast curing cycles with initial high green strength.

Long-Term Durability

Our adhesives can achieve long-term performance under dynamic stress and impact resistance.

Resistance to Impacts & Wear

With the Antala range, improve assembly strength and sealing durability. Our adhesives provide good resistance to corrosion and
temperature changes.


Using our adhesives, engineers can bond multi-substrate materials including thermoplastics and aluminium to save weight and maintain design flexibility.

Reduce Noise, Vibration & Harshness

The Antala automotive range can dampen in-car noises and vibrations, offering greater comfort and improving the driving experience.

Greater Safety

Our automotive solutions increase the strength and stiffness of the chassis and body shell to absorb the impact of a crash and improve vehicle safety.

Improve Performance

Optimise manufacturing efficiency and simplify assembly processes with Antala's fast curing adhesives and resin solutions.

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