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Avoiding Oil Contamination in Food Processing

In this article, we explore how to avoid oil contamination within food processing factories.

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oil contamination in food processing

Oil Contamination in Food Processing

Food processing factories utilise lubricants and oils across virtually every piece of machinery.

Lubricants provide many unique benefits to food processing factories, including:

  • Reduced friction and wear – improving efficiencies; minimising waste and maintenance.
  • Reduced heat produced – improving safety and efficiencies.
  • Increased equipment lifetime – reducing replacement costs.
  • Ensured full safety and operability of machinery – complying with safety standards.
  • Reduced frequency of maintenance – reducing labour and maintenance costs.
  • Protection against corrosion, water and chemicals – reducing chances of damage.
  • Uncontaminated food products – food safety, greater hygiene, safer storage and transportation.

Lubricant & oil contamination in food processing factories typically happens as a result of:

  • Degradation of poor-quality oils over time
  • Build-up of dust, water and chemical particulates
  • Build-up of particulates released from the wear of the machinery
  • The oils not washing away the particulates properly
  • Leakage of inks and other additives from packaging materials

Oil contamination can lead to reduced efficiencies, reduced lifetime of components, increased frequency of maintenance and repairs, and an overall loss of revenue as a result of these effects.

Lubricants, oils and greases rated with NSF and ISO 21469 certifications are ensured to not degrade over time, wash away particulates causing contaminations, and exclude as many sources of contamination as possible.

Therefore, food & drinks manufacturers can improve the safety, quality and adherence to health & safety standards by investing in high-quality lubricants for their machinery; giving full confidence to their customers that their products aren’t contaminated.

Top Food Processing Lubricants for Avoiding Oil Contamination

Our top food & drinks lubrication brands JAX, Molykote and Krytox provide NSF H1/H3, ISO 21469-rated food processing lubricants ideal for avoiding oil contamination in food processing.

Jax Magna-Plate 22 is an NSF H1-rated complex Calcium Sulfonate soap and PAO-based grease that can be used for lubricating bearings and protecting refrigeration and freezing equipment. It provides exceptional mechanical stability, very high load capacity, remarkable oxidation/corrosion control and with a drop point of -68ºC giving it exceptional behaviour in very cold environments in all types of refrigeration and refrigeration equipment. It is also Halal and Kosher certified.

Jax Trolley-Glide FG-3H is a lubricant that can be used on chains, carts and conveyor belts with direct contact with food (NSF H3). It provides metal wetting, rust protection and non-drip characteristics. It has successfully been used in poultry processing plants.

Jax Magna-Plate Multifunctional Hydraulic Oil are hydrotreated mineral-based multifunctional & hydraulic oils that can be used on hydraulic systems, rollers, valves, drip lubrication systems, air compressors, bearings and gearboxes in meat processing plants. It provides excellent wear protection for high-pressure systems and pump protection, and resists the formation of varnishes and corrosive acids.

Molykote 44 is a high-temperature grease that can be used in bearings in oven fans, oven preheaters and conveyor mechanisms. It offers a wide temperature range, good water resistance, oxidative stability, and compatibility with plastics and rubbers.

Molykote BR-2 Plus is a high-performance grease that has successfully been used in sealing industrial furnaces. It provides good adhesion, wear and corrosion protection, as well as long-term stability. The product is able to resist wear and degradation of the guides from constant heating by forming a thin film of solid lubricants on the substrate surfaces.

Molykote Food Machinery Spray is a multi-purpose mineral oil spray that can be used for the lubrication of mechanical components in food and beverage processing equipment.

Molykote G-0052FM is a grease designed for white bearings in the food and beverage industry. It is ideal for use when the product must be free from black particle contamination.

Krytox GPL 105 is a perfluorinated lubricating oil that can be used for chains, compressors, bearings and gearboxes in food processing plants. Its estimated useful temperature range is -36°C to 204°C.

Krytox XHT-AC is a special high-temperature grease with low oil evaporation that provide anti-wear and rusting protection and is compatible with all elastomers and plastics. It has effectively been used in industrial ovens and other high-temperature applications.

These are just a few examples of the food-safe lubrication solutions that we offer. View our full range of lubricants for the food & drinks industry to find the most appropriate solution for your application.

For more information regarding how to choose the correct lubricant for your application, depending on speed, load, temperature and viscosity, read our full guide on choosing the right lubricant.


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