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BETAMATE epoxy structural adhesives provide high performance bonding to steel, aluminium and other materials to enhance stiffness, NVH, crash and durability performance.

They supplant welds & mechanical fasteners to help improve durability while reducing weight, and manufacturing cost. They are ideal for use in closures (doors, hoods, trunks and tailgates) as well as body structure and chassis (underbody, pillars and roof) applications.

Enhance Durability and Reduce Vehicle Weight BETAMATE epoxy structural adhesives 2

Providing high-performance adhesion to lighter weight and conventional automotive materials, BETAMATE structural adhesives can help enhance vehicle strength and diminish weight while giving cost savings.

BETAMATE supplant welds and mechanical fasteners, reducing fatigue and failure commonly found around fasteners and spot welds.

Dow Automotive Systems Betamate structural adhesives benefits 


To meet changing patterns in vehicle design and contribute to lighter vehicles, BETAMATE structural adhesives are commonly used on the following applications, also to steel and high-strength steel:

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The capacity to join similar and dissimilar substrates makes this structural adhesive ideal for use in engine compartments, doors, hoods, deck lid flanges, cockpits, roof panels, rails, trailer flooring and other applications.

BETAMATE LWR lightweight reinforcement is an expandable, toughened epoxy adhesive for body-in white structures, chassis and closures.

Designed for application in the body shop, BETAMATE has a customizable expansion profile of up to 150% and can be applied by stream, swirl or bead.

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Application and Bonding One and two-part BETAMATE structural adhesives are designed to meet OEM requirements.

They provide excellent bonding and adhesion to a wide range of materials, including:

Regularly when using thermal-cured one-component adhesives, no treatment is required for almost any kind of metals if the surface is defined correctly and oil quantity does not exceed 4 grams per square meter.

We suggest wiping off excess oil when using a two-component system with no heat treatment.

For plastics and hybrid system bonding, composite materials, or any other assembly where a thin bond line is not possible, Dow Automotive Systems also offers an extensive range of elastic and composite bonding systems with higher versatility.

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BETAMATE structural adhesives can be applied manually, from dispensing systems or cartridges.

The adhesives also can be applied mechanically in swirl, bead or jet spray using standard industrial equipment.

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Fracture-toughened BETAMATE adhesives perform better than standard grades with enhanced stability to progressive crush and load-carrying capability.

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