Betamate Adhesives Pass Fire Standard For Rail Applications

Dow LogoDow have announced three grades of Betamate structural adhesives have passed the European Standard EN45545-2 for railway vehicles.

Betamate 2700 A/B, Betamate 7120 and Betamate 7170 were tested and satisfied the hazard level (HL) requirements for EN45545-2.

Tests included applying the adhesives in conjunction with steel, testing for window assemblies, interior and exterior surfaces, floor structures and other general interior and exterior bonding applications.

The three Betamate adhesives are suitable for railway vehicle manufacturing where applications range from bonding windows and surfaces inside and outside, bonding trim components, floor panels and coverings as well as general applications.

Betamate Structural Adhesives for the Rail Industry 

Betamate 2700 A/B                                                                                                                                         

Betamate 2700 ABTwo component, polyurethane structural adhesive and sealant

Key Features

  • High viscosity
  • Rapid curing; cures independently of moisture
  • Very good, non-sagging

BETAMATE 2700 meets HL3/R22, R23.

Betamate 7120                                                                                                                                               

Betamate 7120One component, polyurethane structural adhesive and sealant

 Key Features

  • High strength, permanently flexible adhesive joints
  • Medium viscosity, low modulus adhesive
  • Excellent UV stability
  • Generous working time

BETAMATE 7120 meets HL3/R1, R7, R10, R22, R23.

Betamate 7170 Quick Fix

One component, polyurethane structural adhesive and sealant

Key Features

  • Quick fix (warm applied)
  • High viscosity
  • High Strength
  • Permanent elastic adhesive joints with accelerated hardening
  • Excellent paint adhesion
  • Low conduction

BETAMATE 7170 meets HL3/R22, R23, HL2/R1, R7, HL3/R10.

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