BETASEAL adhesives

BETASEAL ™ adhesives are used worldwide for the structural bonding and sealing of vehicle glass, including panoramic roofs, front and rear screens, quarter lights and partitions.

BETASEAL adhesivesWith a proven track record of delivering exceptional performance, reduced costs and reduced assembly times, BETASEAL ™ glass bonding systems are used worldwide for structural bonding and glass sealing of vehicles.

BETASEAL glass bonding systems are complimented by BETACLEAN ™ cleaners, BETAPRIME ™ primers and BETASEAL adhesives to provide a full bonding solution for glass bonding applications.

BETASEAL formulations provide a wide range of mechanical properties to meet all vehicle requirements and are compatible with all vehicle production processes including cold and hot application systems.

A wide variety of BETASEAL products are also specially formulated for the replacement of glass in the aftermarket.

BETASEAL glass bonding systems meet the OEM durability specifications and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for barrier, overturning and crushing roof regulations.
BETASEAL adhesivesBETASEAL adhesives

A wide range of BETASEAL Glass Bonding Systems products are available to meet various glass bonding applications, including:


Methods of application

BETASEAL adhesives are applied with robotic or manual application, varying from a cartridge to a drum.

Aftermarket packaging systems are also available for replacement glass.

Technical support and development support are available to help ensure appropriate application techniques

Betaseal products from Dow Automotive systems






BETASEAL adhesives

3 Responses

  1. Can you tell me if betaseal 158 is suitable for bonding a windscreen to a fiberglass surround?

    1. Hi Phil

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, Betaseal 1580 was in fact, developed to meet the demanding needs of today’s Direct Glazing requirements.
      Betaseal 1580 allows the bonding of multi substrates, coping with the individual properties, of different materials.
      Whilst suitable for bonding Glass to Fibreglass, we do recommend the adhesive, together with a specific pre-treatment system, which forms a critical step in achieving a high strength, durable bond.
      For further information and support, please contact our Technical Sales team –

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