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Bostik Born2Bond™: Specialist Adhesives for Audio Equipment

Bostik’s high-performance engineered adhesive range is the best-in-class solution for audio equipment bonding.

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Adhesives for audio equipment
Produce, maintain, and repair with Born2Bond™ adhesives for audio equipment.

Born2Bond for Audio Equipment

Precision, durability, and exceptional performance are vital considerations when searching for specialist adhesives for audio equipment manufacturing. That’s why Bostik Born2Bond™ Light Lock adhesives are industry-leading bonding solutions within the audio space. The perfect adhesive solution for small-scale manual production runs or large-scale automated manufacturing lines, Bostik’s patented Light Lock technology enables the rapid bonding of multiple substrates and intricate components. Precision assemblage with Born2Bond™ adhesives guarantees optimal sound projection and resonance whilst offering the exceptional environmental resistance required of premium audio technology.

Born2Bond for in-ear headphone application

In-ear headphones house a complex ecosystem of intricate components. Bonding each element with Bostik Born2Bond™ adhesives ensures structural longevity and high-performance acoustic output.

In-ear headphone bonding
Using Born2Bond™ Light Lock adhesives guarantees excellent in-ear headphone performance.
  1. Microphone mesh assembly
    In-ear headphones house an intricate microphone protected by a fine mesh material. The microphone enables hands-free calling, voice commands, and noise-cancellation capabilities. Born2Bond™ High-Performance HMPUR, UV-Instant, and Instant Adhesives support the everyday durability of the microphone and its meshing with an exceptional ability to handle vibration and movement.
  2. Electronic encapsulation
    In-ear headphones contain sensitive electronics such as drivers, circuitry, and connectors. Electronic encapsulation seals and protects electronics and vital components from environmental factors such as dust, moisture, and physical damage. Encapsulating in-ear headphone electronics with Born2Bond™ UV-Instant, UV-Epoxy, or UV-Acrylate Adhesives ensures longevity, reliability, and consistent sound quality.
  3. Magnet bonding
    Magnets play a crucial role in the overall design of in-ear headphones by interacting with voice coils to produce sound vibrations. Born2Bond™ High-Performance HMPUR, UV-Instant, Instant, and XMA Structural Adhesives ensure magnets are firmly and precisely positioned without interfering with magnetic properties, counteracting unwanted distortions and securing earpiece attachment. 
  4. Diaphragm bonding
    The diaphragm, or membrane, is a lightweight, thin, and flexible material responsible for acoustic amplification. The diaphragm translates electrical signals into audible sound waves carried throughout the structure. Born2Bond™ Instant Adhesives are chosen for their ability to form a reliable bond with the fine, delicate diaphragm material.
  5. Front tweeter bonding
    The tweeter is a small speaker designed to reproduce high-frequency sound waves, typically covering the upper range of the audible spectrum to the front portion of the headphone. The tweeter delivers crisp and detailed audio and a balanced listening experience. Using Born2Bond™ High-Performance HMPUR Adhesives assures that tweeters withstand vibrations and maintain stability.
  6. Active noise-cancelling microphone bonding
    Noise-cancelling microphones capture external ambient noise and generate anti-noise signals to cancel unwanted sounds. When integrating active noise cancellation (ANC) technology into the structure of an in-ear headphone, Born2Bond™ High-Performance HMPUR Adhesives ensure secure bonding with minimal interference for high-quality microphone performance.
  7. Front housing bonding
    The front housing, commonly known as the earpiece or earbud casing, is the visible outer shell of an in-ear headphone that users place within their ears. The front housing contains and encloses all of the core components. Using Born2Bond™ High-Performance HMPUR Adhesives assures that all internal components are secured within the casing, protecting electronics from potential damage from external elements.
  8. Battery cell assembly
    The rechargeable battery cell is a core component within an in-ear headphone, providing the power necessary to enable wireless functionality, ANC, and other included electronic features. Using Born2Bond™ Instant, UV-Instant, or Low-Pressure Moulding Hotmelt, the battery cell and its enclosure are bonded onto the headphone’s casing or housing, securing attachment and preventing unnecessary movement.

Born2Bond for loudspeaker application

Using Born2Bond™ Light Lock adhesives for audio equipment improves vibration and shock resistance, guaranteeing maximum output performance of loudspeaker systems.

Loudspeaker bonding
Using Born2Bond™ Light Lock adhesives ensures loudspeaker longevity.
  1. Spider-to-voice coil bonding
    The spider, also known as the suspension or damper, is a flexible material that connects the voice coil to the speaker frame. The spider keeps the voice coil centred whilst allowing it to move smoothly and accurately in response to audio signals. Born2Bond™ High-Performance HMPUR or Instant Adhesives ensure proper alignment, stability, and performance when bonding the spider to the voice coil.
  2. Spider-to-frame bonding
    Alongside the voice coil, the spider fixes to the frame or chassis, the structural framework that holds various components of the loudspeaker driver together. Using Born2Bond™ High-Performance HMPUR or Instant Adhesives provides a strong and secure bond, ensuring the spider remains connected throughout usage.
  3. Cone-to-voice coil bonding
    The cone, or diaphragm, is the visible part of the loudspeaker that moves in response to audio signals. The diaphragm generates sound waves, whilst the voice coil is the wire component that moves within the magnetic gap, causing the diaphragm to vibrate and produce sound. Diaphragm-to-voice coil bonding using Born2Bond™ High-Performance HMPUR Adhesives, Instant Adhesives, or XMA Structural Adhesives form a strong bond whilst allowing for acoustic vibration.
  4. Cone-to-dome bonding
    The dome is another smaller diaphragm designed to reproduce higher frequencies. The dome diaphragm can be made of fabric, metal, or polymer and is bonded directly onto the centre of the dome diaphragm. Using Born2Bond™ High-Performance HMPUR or Instant Adhesives ensures that the two diaphragms can move together in response to audio signals whilst maintaining a powerful bond.
  5. Magnet-to-plate bonding
    The plate, or the pole piece/backplate, is positioned behind the magnet to help shape and focus the magnetic field. The magnetic field interacts with the voice coil, causing it to move and produce sound vibrations. This magnet is securely fixed to the plate using Born2Bond™ High Performance HMPUR, Instant Adhesives, or XMA Structural Adhesive to ensure accurate alignment and optimal interaction between the magnetic field and the voice coil. 
  6. Basket-to-plate bonding
    The basket is the structural framework that holds vital internal components, whilst the metal plate helps to shape and focus the magnetic field within the driver. Using  Born2Bond™ Instant Adhesives ensures excellent structural integrity whilst optimising magnetic interaction and efficient sound production.
  7. Surrounding-to-cone bonding
    The loudspeaker’s surround, also known as the suspension or edge, is a flexible component that connects the cone to the speaker’s frame, allowing for controlled movement in response to audio signals. Using Born2Bond™ Instant Adhesives guarantees a strong bond whilst preventing distortion and improving durability.
  8. Surround-to-frame bonding
    A strong bond between the surround and the frame is vital in ensuring durability and longevity. Using Born2Bond™ Instant Adhesives controls the diaphragm movement, prevents distortion, improves overall audio quality, and increases durability, ensuring that the frame assembly can withstand the stresses of vibration and movement.
  9. Gasket bonding
    A gasket is a sealing or cushioning material typically made from foam, rubber, or silicone. Gaskets create an airtight seal between components to prevent air leakage and protect against external elements. Gasket bonding using Born2Bond™ UV-CIPG Gasketing Adhesive can provide acoustic isolation, preventing sound leakage, interference, and vibration dampening, reducing resonance between components.
  10. Logo bonding
    Once all else is secure and bonded, it’s time to add your brand’s logo. A logo can be of different materials, commonly metal, plastic, rubber, or fabric. Born2Bond™ UV-Instant or Instant Adhesives securely bond the logo regardless of your chosen substrate.

Advantages of Born2Bond Light Lock adhesives for audio equipment

The perfect adhesives for audio equipment, Bostik Born2Bond™ high-performance adhesives provide substrate compatibility, temperature control, flexibility, and acoustic transparency for optimal performance and longevity. Bostik Born2Bond™ adhesives, with their patented Light Lock technology, allow for rapid bonding through transparent and opaque parts, plus quick curing of light-exposed bulk or surface-coated areas.


  • Low odour.
  • Cure-on-demand properties.
  • Vibration and shock resistance.
  • Enhanced safety and durability.
  • Fine finishing with low bloom and no yellowing.
  • High flexibility and elasticity.
  • Dry to touch, tack-free surface cure. 
  • A fixture time of 60 seconds without light exposure and 5 seconds with light curing.
  • Multi-substrate adhesion.

Bostik Born2Bond™ Light Lock adhesives

The excellent environmental resistance offered by Bostik Born2Bond™ Light Lock adhesives makes them the perfect choice for bonding audio devices, including In-ear headphones, loudspeakers, and other audio technology such as over-ear headphones, microphones, hearing aids, portable speakers, in-car entertainment, radios, and more.

here to see our full range of Bostik Born2Bond™ specialist adhesives or visit our technical knowledge hub to explore the real-world impact of Bostik products in industry.


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