Dow Corning, now DowSil has established itself as a global leader in silicones since its founding in 1943. Through is a silicon – based technology, l to brand offers  the solutions  most advanced  to improve industrial performance and optimise processesDowSil offers more than 7,000 products and services through DowSil  and the XIAMETER brand. 

Dowsil silicones Dow Corning

DOWSIL™ silicone adhesives - Dow Corning

DOWSIL™ - Dow Corning silicones have unique properties and benefits that make them the preferred materials for many industrial applications. Some of its main properties are: its thermal stability, stress relief, electrical insulation and resistance to fire and weather. 

Adhesives and sealants

Dow's adhesive and sealant solutions are available in various viscosity grades and chemical cure formulations to meet a wide range of industrial needs. DOW also has various primers to improve adhesion on complex surfaces and cleaners for correct surface preparation.

Foams and elastomers

Many industrial assemblies need to seal lids or doors that must be opened and closed when necessary. To seal these parts, silicone foams are the ideal option, for a compression seal that is perfectly and durable. If it is also put together, that the seal is against water, fluids, oils or other liquids, the elastomer bicomponents are the total solution.

Gels, encapsulants and insulating coatings

Gels, encapsulants, and conformal silicone-based coatings protect electronic components from factors such as moisture, dirt, impact, or vibration.

Conductive materials

Thermal and electrical conductors reduce wear from high temperatures and improve efficiency even in sensitive electronic applications.

Optical materials

These silicone optical solutions are suitable for use in many applications as they offer long-term stability, material flexibility and high processing performance.

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