Founded in 1955, JAX is a company that has become a global benchmark in the formulation and manufacture of high-quality synthetic lubricants for the food industry. The brand  is characterised by the manufacture  of new lubricants with unique processes  based on innovation and advanced technologies , as well as by carrying out emergency tests in its RPM laboratory. 

JAX Food-Grade Lubrication

JAX lubricants are formulated to save costs and extend machine life. They meet NSF 3H requirements for direct food contact and NSF H1 requirements for occasional contact in the food and beverage processing industries.


Lubricating materials with a semi-solid configuration based on a lubricating fluid with thickening agents and additives. Widely used for: Bearings | Rollers | Conveyor Belts | Overhead Chains | Blades and other components.


Lubricating fluids with carefully selected additives to provide optimum performance and service-life as well as maximise the protection of equipment and machinery. Designed to optimise maintenance and limit repair.

Food & Beverage Sectors

JAX lubricants are formulated for use in varying food and beverage sectors, from meat and poultry to bakeries and beverages.




Feed Mills

Frozen Products

Fruit & Vegetables

Meat & Poultry

Pharmacy & Packaging

Food & Beverage Brochures/Technical Guides

Technical brochures and guides from JAX food-grade lubrication. Download our brochures and guides for further reading.

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