Merz + Benteli AG (Merbenit) are a manufacturer of adhesives and sealants for a wide range of industrial applicationsFounded in 1918 by chemists Walter Merz and Albert BenteliMerz + Benteli AG was the first company in Europe to manufacture silane modified polymers (SMP). Sealants and adhesives that adhere without adhesion promoters and are free of socianates and solvents.


Merbenit SMP adhesives & sealants

The Merbenit product range features weather resistant general purpose adhesives and sealants for the most demanding applications. Its portfolio includes adhesives and sealants for construction and an array of industrial applications.

Merbenit Brochures - SMP Adhesives & Sealants

Below you can find our selection of SMP Merbenit industrial adhesives and sealants brand catalogues grouped by product category or sector. 

Merbenit Technical Resources

Below you can find the latest technical articles from the brand of industrial adhesives and sealants SMP Merberit that have been published in our blog of the industrial sector. 

Merbenit at Bondexpo 2018 Feature Image

Merbenit at Bondexpo 2018

Merz + benteli will be exhibiting the Merbenit range of products at the international trade fair, Bondexpo 2018. This year’s event takes place in Stuttgart from the

Merbenit Eco-bau Feature Image

Merbenit receives eco-bau validation

Three Merbenit products have received the eco-bau certification; Merbenit FS30, Merbenit HS60 and Merbenit HT50. What is the eco-bau certification? The eco-bau certification is awarded