Molykote® Smart Lubrication™

Molykote® is the trade name for Dupont speciality lubricants. For more than 70 years, Molykote® has the confidence of engineers, manufacturers and designers around the world thanks to its ability to cope with a range of proven challenges in lubrication. Molykote® Smart Lubricants™ provide solutions for various industries and applications that require reliable, long-term lubrication. Continual investments in technology and product innovation enable Molykote® to meet current needs and anticipate future trends. Their full line of specialty lubricant products ensures we have a solution for nearly every situation.


Types of Molykote® Smart Lubrication™

Molykote® lubricants help control friction and wear by increasing equipment reliability; generating energy and cost savings; reducing CO2 emissions and extending lubrication intervals in maintenance cycles. Molykote® provide solutions to slow and fast speed, high and low pressure and high and low temperature applications.

Molykote® Smart Lubricant Products

Molykote® provide wet and dry lubrication solutions for all types of applications, even in chemically aggressive environments. They provide lubricants with the food-grade NSF H-1 certification, as well as other certificates such as WRAS, DIN-DVGW, MIL, NATO. With years of technical expertise on hand to help you find and implement the right lubrication solution, Molykote® lubricants can optimise operational performance.

Molykote® Smart Lubrication™ Brochures

See our Molykote® catalogues. Take a look at Molykote® solutions for automotive, e-mobility, industrial, wind, hydro, solar and other sectors. See how Molykote® lubricants are opening doors for optimised lubrication processes across various industries and sectors.

Molykote Selection Guide

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Anti-Friction Coatings

Introduction to Molykote

Knowledge Hub - Molykote® Technical Content

Find the latest Molykote® technical content, news, product updates and more. Get valuable insight to the Molykote® brand, how-to's and lubrication guides. See how Molykote® lubricants are utilised in industries from food & beverage, down to renewable energy systems.


What Is Wear & How to Prevent It

Tribology is the science that studies friction, wear, and lubrication of touching surfaces in relative motion. It relies on concepts coming from materials science, physics, and chemistry among others,

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