Permabond is a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives; supplying high quality products to customers worldwide. Permabond has a worldwide network of distributors which Antala is the highest representative in UK and Ireland. Permabond has been supplying innovative and effective solutions worldwide for decades, allowing even the most difficult joints to be made.


Permabond Technical Articles

Below you can find the latest technical articles by Permabond that have been published on our industry blog. 

Adhesives for Medical Prosthetics

Prosthetic devices are feats of modern science, which makes them difficult to manufacture. In this article, we explore medical prosthetics and the best adhesives for bonding medical prosthetic applications. 

medical equipment

Medical Adhesives for the Healthcare Industry

Are you a medical device manufacturer looking for effective bonding solutions? In this article, we explore what medical adhesives are, types of medical devices, and top medical grade adhesives in the healthcare industry. 

Krytox lubricants for electric motors

How to Bond Motors & Electronic Speed Controllers

Billions of electric motors are manufactured worldwide every year. Without proper bonding and assembly, they quickly become ineffective. That is why, in this article, we are exploring how to bond motors and electronic speed controllers.