Permabond is a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives; supplying high quality products to customers worldwide. Permabond has a worldwide network of distributors which Antala is the highest representative in UK and Ireland. Permabond has been supplying innovative and effective solutions worldwide for decades, allowing even the most difficult joints to be made.


Permabond Industrial Adhesives

Permabond supplies high quality adhesives ensuring strong bonds and high productivity on production lines.

Anaerobic adhesives

These adhesives cure in the absence of oxygen and are recommended in bearing retention, nut and thread clamping, pipe sealing and gasket applications.

UV adhesives

UV curing adhesives cure in seconds when exposed to the UV light source, even with plastics. Therefore, these adhesives are ideal for transparent materials to ensure aesthetically pleasing finishes.

Permabond Technical Articles

Below you can find the latest technical articles by Permabond that have been published on our industry blog. 

Thumbnail for how to bond motors

How to Bond Motors & Electronic Speed Controllers

Billions of electric motors are manufactured worldwide every year. Without proper bonding and assembly, they quickly become ineffective. That is why, in this article, we are exploring how to bond motors and electronic speed controllers.

How to Bond Polypropylene

In this article we explore the best adhesives used to effectively bond polypropylene, alongside an explanation of what polypropylene is and how it’s used around

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How to Bond Polystyrene

In this post we break down the best adhesives which can be used to reliably and efficiently bond Polystyrene; alongside a general explanation of the

bonding phenolics thumbnail

How to bond Phenolics

In this article we explore the best adhesives used to reliably bond phenolics. Phenolics are a group of very hard materials manufactured by administering phenolic