Zip-Chem specialise in the production of chemicals for the manufacture and maintenance of civil and military aircraft brand. Its range of products for the aviation sector includes lubricants, corrosion inhibitors (CIC), cleaners, sealants, adhesives and solvents.

Zip-Chem Chemical products for the aeronautical sector

Sensitive to environmental concerns and the importance of weight control in the aviation sector, Zip-Chem are eligible to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC), not affect the ozone layer, maintain the standards of air quality, and designed to its chemical specialities and South-Prep, Aero-Lube, Calla or Cor-Ban, can be applied in thin layers to achieve the lowest possible weight while maintaining the degree of efficiency. Zip-Chem has several commercial specifications (Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier) and military (Mil Spec) specifications.


Sur-Prep is a line of avionics and general purpose surface preparation cleaners. Sur-Prep products offer specific performance advantages in cleaning efficiency, flammability, VOC’s and other related environmental concerns; allowing for an optimised preparation process.


The Aero-Lube line of aircraft lubricants includes multi purpose greases, silicones, Teflon, molybdenum disulfide, and graphitelubricants. Special purpose Aero-Lube products are available for high temperature areas, applications requiring penetrating lubricants and prevention of ice build-up on rubber seals.


Calla products are aircraft cleaners. Several different products are available for interior and exterior cleaning. These include large surface cleaners for the exterior of the aircraft, parts cleaners, glass cleaners, degreasers, drywash and polishing products. The Calla line also includes disinfectants, odour neutralisers and EPA DFE approved cleaners.


Cor-Ban is a line of corrosion inhibiting products specifically formulated for the demanding specifications of aviation maintenance. Cor-Ban products are for use on large structural components, small parts, avionics and cables. In addition, there are Cor-Ban formulations for heavy-duty use and long-term storage; allowing for products to be kept on site in case of urgent requirements.

Zip-Chem Brochures for the aerospace sector

Below you can find our selection of Zip-Chem aeronautical chemicals brand brochures grouped by product category or industry.

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