Araldite Adhesives Range for Assembly Operations

Huntsman Adhesives Range

With over 60 years in adhesive technology, Huntsman Advanced Materials offers a range of high performance structural adhesives. The Araldite adhesives range provides superior bonding solutions for metals, plastics and composites. Products include fast curing adhesives designed to give results in minutes, load bearing adhesives for bonding metals and composites, gap-filling and vertical applications and … Read moreAraldite Adhesives Range for Assembly Operations

Antala supports Ardingly College in solar car challenge


Antala are proud to be supporting the Ardingly Solar team on their preparations for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019 (BWSC). The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is a bi-annual competition where students from colleges and universities design, build and race a solar powered electric vehicle across Australia. Ardingly Solar will be competing with teams from … Read moreAntala supports Ardingly College in solar car challenge

DuPont launches new brand identity

DuPont New Branding

DowDuPont had announced in February 2018 that its Speciality Products Division will be called DuPont when it becomes an independent, publicly traded company, which is expected by June 2019. The new DuPont will deliver specialised customer solutions across four segments: Electronics & Imaging, Nutrition & Biosciences, Safety & Construction, and Transportation & Advanced Polymers. As … Read moreDuPont launches new brand identity

Official Distributor of Wipemaster Products

Wipemaster Feature Image

Antala are proud to announce that we are an official European distributor of Wipemaster products. Wipemaster specialise in critical approved wiping materials for Aerospace, Engineering, Defence and Automotive industries. The product range includes degreasing wet wipes and low lint wipers that provide a convenient and effective method of cleaning and offers greater control and consistency … Read moreOfficial Distributor of Wipemaster Products

What is the best adhesive for bonding Acrylic?

Acrylic (PMMA – polymethyl methacrylate) is a transparent, thermoplastic that is commonly known as Plexiglas®. Thermoplastics like Acrylic can be heated to their melting point, cooled and reheated without substantial degradation. This allows them to be easily injection moulded. PMMA has high strength, stiffness, optical clarity and resistance to UV and weathering. These properties make … Read moreWhat is the best adhesive for bonding Acrylic?

What is the best adhesive for bonding Acetal?

Bonding Acetal Feature Image

Acetal (Polyoxymethylene) is a strong and rigid thermoplastic that has good moisture, heat and chemical resistance. It is commonly used in industries as a replacement for metals, due to its lightweight, low cost and good structural properties. The two basic types of acetal resins are Acetal Copolymer (Celcon®), and Acetal Homopolymer (Delrin®). Acetal Homopolymer offers … Read moreWhat is the best adhesive for bonding Acetal?

Tectyl 400-C Industrial Corrosion Preventative Product

Tectyl 400-C Gear Manufacturers

  Tectyl 400-C is a corrosion inhibitor for protecting metal surfaces against rust and corrosion. Tectyl 400-C provides strong adhesion to metal surfaces forming an active rust preventative barrier that resists the effects of moisture, salt spray and harsh corrosives. This multipurpose, wax based solvent can be used across many industries from protecting gear casings, gears, shafts … Read moreTectyl 400-C Industrial Corrosion Preventative Product

What is the best adhesive for bonding ABS?

Adhesives for bonding ABS

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is an opaque thermoplastic polymer used for injection molding applications and 3D printing. ABS is made from varying ratios of three monomers; acrylonitrile, butadiene (rubber), and styrene that combine to give ABS its distinct properties. Acrylonitrile offers good chemical resistance and thermal stability, butadiene provides toughness and impact strength, while styrene … Read moreWhat is the best adhesive for bonding ABS?

Introducing Araldite 2050 & 2051

Huntsman Araldite 2050 & 2051 Feature Image

Huntsman Advanced Materials have launched two new MMA adhesives; Araldite 2050 and Araldite 2051. Both are rapid curing MMA adhesives and are designed to speed up bonding operations under cold temperatures, under water, saltwater and humidity. Araldite 2050 can cure at extremely low temperatures from -20°C and Araldite 2051 can cure at temperatures from 0°C … Read moreIntroducing Araldite 2050 & 2051

Huntsman Advanced Materials at JEC World 2019

Huntsman at JEC 2019

Huntsman Advanced Materials will be exhibiting at JEC World 2019 from the 12th – 14th March.  This year’s theme ‘Making a Material Difference through Chemistry’ will focus on the range of composites and polyurethane resins, adhesives and syntactics technologies for automotive, aerospace and industrial applications. From concept and design, through to maintenance and repair, Huntsman will … Read moreHuntsman Advanced Materials at JEC World 2019