Tectyl 400-C Industrial Corrosion Preventative Product

Tectyl 400-C Gear Manufacturers

  Tectyl 400-C is a corrosion inhibitor for protecting metal surfaces against rust and corrosion. Tectyl 400-C provides strong adhesion to metal surfaces forming an active rust preventative barrier that resists the effects of moisture, salt spray and harsh corrosives. This multipurpose, wax based solvent can be used across many industries from protecting gear casings, gears, shafts … Read moreTectyl 400-C Industrial Corrosion Preventative Product

A sprayable, solvent-free contact adhesive for industrial panel manufacturers

Merbenit IA45 Feature Image

SMP Merbenit IA45 is a solvent-free, contact adhesive with the advantage of being able to correct bonded parts. The adhesive offers a 10 minute tooling time enabling assembled parts to be aligned. With a fast build up strength for applications that require thin lines on one or both sides, the adhesive is ideal for insulated vehicle … Read moreA sprayable, solvent-free contact adhesive for industrial panel manufacturers

A lightweight, sound absorbing solution for the Automotive market

Merbenit E20 Lightweight Feature Image

Car manufacturers are increasingly looking for solutions to reduce weight and to give drivers a quieter and smoother ride while improving fuel efficiency. Merbenit E20 SMP Merbenit E20 has the potential to be used in interior and body applications to make vehicles quieter and lighter. It effectively reduces vibration and noise and offers excellent thermal … Read moreA lightweight, sound absorbing solution for the Automotive market

Merbenit Unique SMP Products

This year marks the 100 year anniversary of Merz+Benteli AG, since the company was founded by chemists Walter Merz and Dr Albert Benteli. The company has grown to become leaders in elastic sealants and adhesives for the construction, automotive and marine sectors. The company has always remained at the forefront of industry, introducing new technologies … Read moreMerbenit Unique SMP Products

Surface Preparation for Adhesive Bonding

Surface Preparation is one of the most critical steps in achieving a high bond strength and improving the performance of an adhesive. For an effective bond, the adhesive must completely wet the surface of each substrate being joined together. Why use surface pretreatment? Most surfaces are covered with layers of contaminants, for example, dust, oils, … Read moreSurface Preparation for Adhesive Bonding

Solutions for repairing wind turbine blades

Whilst in operation, wind turbines are prone to damage from external forces. The rotor blades on a wind turbine require regular inspection and maintenance to keep them in good condition. Most rotor blades are constructed from glass fibre however a growing number of blades are using a hybrid of glass and carbon fibre to improve … Read moreSolutions for repairing wind turbine blades

Frequently Asked Questions about Permabond POP Primer

Permabond pop

Permabond POP is a primer and adhesion promoter for Cyanoacrylate Adhesives. It is not an accelerator, so it will not increase the cure rates or change the pH of acidic surfaces. However, it will improve the adhesion for bonding plastics. Here are the most frequently asked questions about Permabond Pop. Permabond POP Permabond Polyolefin Primer … Read moreFrequently Asked Questions about Permabond POP Primer

Ara Ecocleaner – green cleaning solvent

The Ara® Ecocleaner is an environmentally friendly solvent developed by Huntsman that can be used on a wide range of resins and polymers. The cleaning agent is non flammable, non toxic, non carcinogenic and non irritant providing a safer and hygienic workplace. The powerful solvent will dissolve a wide range of resins and polymers such … Read moreAra Ecocleaner – green cleaning solvent

Tectyl 506 – Industrial corrosion protection


Tectyl 506 is a general purpose corrosion inhibitor which provides excellent protection of metallic surfaces against corrosion. A versatile product that can be used across many industries from protecting automotive interiors and underbody metal parts to providing a protective shipping coating for small ferrous and non ferrous castings in the marine industry. It protects metallic … Read moreTectyl 506 – Industrial corrosion protection

New Huntsman Product – Araldite 252-1

Huntsman Araldite 2000 Adhesive Range

From the 1st November 2017, we will be launching the Araldite 252-1 as an alternative to Araldite 252 and Araldite 255. Huntsman have been working in collaboration with Airbus to formulate Araldite 252-1 to replace Araldite 252. Araldite 252-1 has now been qualified and meets the requirements for both ASNA 4072 / AIMS 10-03-005 Specifications. … Read moreNew Huntsman Product – Araldite 252-1