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Huntsman Advanced Materials at COMPOSITES EUROPE 2015

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composites europe

We look forward to seeing you At COMPOSITES EUROPE 2015

 At Composites Europe 2015 we will highlight the step change our advanced chemistries are bringing to composites technology, both in high-end applications and in mass production:

  • New DFCM process enabling fast and high quality mass production
  • Accurate computer simulation to refine process design
  • Alternative FST solutions for composites in transportation
  • Structural adhesives bringing greater strength and weight reduction

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Innovative FST solutions for composite interiors

Innovative FST solutions for composite interiors

Fire resistance without compromise

Dynamic Fluid Compression Molding process

Dynamic Fluid Compression Molding process

 A new step forward in composites mass production

 Advanced composites process simulation
The shortest possible manufacturing time

composites europe
Huntsman Advanced Materials is a leading global chemical solutions provider with a long heritage of pioneering technologically advanced epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane-based polymer products.
Today, Huntsman Advanced Materials legacy of technology innovation and applications expertise provides more than 2,000 customers in 80 countries with reliable, durable and cost effective solutions that address engineering challenges across a broad range of industries.
As a pioneer in advanced thermoset chemistries, with a strong background in various technologies, the brand focus on novel and truly distinctive innovation.Their mission is enhancing customer competitiveness and value, introducing energy-saving and environmentally sound technology, and improving manufacturing processes that lead to sustainable growth.

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