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COP26: How Specialty Chemicals Support Greater Sustainability

In this article, we explore how Antala is supporting the COP26 initiative by providing products that enable greater sustainability across various industries.

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What is COP26?

COP26 is the global climate change summit taking place in Glasgow, UK from 31 October-12 November 2021. It is a significant event that will be attended by the countries that signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The goals of the conference include:

  • Finding productive solutions for rising global temperatures
  • Accelerating the responsible transition to clean and renewable energy sources
  • Highlighting the ways to reduce carbon footprint
  • Driving ambition and getting people involved in the sustainability industries
  • Encouraging innovation in green technologies
  • Exploring investment opportunities in sustainable technology

How We Aim to Contribute Towards Greater Sustainability

Here at Antala, we have a strong focus on sustainability, efficiency and green technology. We believe that the proper utilisation of sustainable and zero-emission technologies is crucial to a better future for all of us. As a result, we provide products that allow manufacturers and operators within various industries to effectively and seamlessly adopt green technologies at an increasing rate.

We support the renewable energy industries through our extensive range of products for the wind industry, hydro-energy, solar energy, hydrogen energy, e-mobility and more. In addition, our products also sustainably optimise chemical plants in the industries not directly involved in renewable energies, such as rail, aerospace, marine and food & drink.

Our advanced range of adhesives, sealants and lubricants enable greater sustainability through:

  • Lightweighting: reducing the weight of the overall product, in comparison to traditional bonding techniques, and therefore reducing energy usage and carbon footprint.
  • Long-lasting endurance: our high-performance products are built to last; reducing the frequency of re-application and lifecycle costs, and therefore the energy and labour force required for that process.
  • Reducing repairs and maintenance: through providing long-lasting performance, our products reduce the required frequency of maintenance and repairs and therefore the energy and labour force required for that process.
  • Allowing automation of labour-intensive processes: many of our products are suitable for automation, enabling their adoption into assembly lines and automated dispensing processes.
  • Eliminating outdated methods: our technical advisors work with companies to ensure modern adhesives, sealants and lubricants are used instead of the commonly used energy-intensive mechanisms and mechanical fixtures.

In addition to these, our industry experts are always working with manufacturers to achieve supply chain sustainability and reach carbon-neutrality. These are just a few of the ways we support green technology.

Antala aims to be a leader in the chemical industry, paving the way for sustainable development in order to help businesses boost their production output, quality of product and profitability while working towards meeting the UK government’s aim to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

Supporting Sectors to Meet Net-Zero


Hydrogen is shaping up to support a large part of the world’s net-zero push. From heavy-duty transport to rail and clean home energy, hydrogen holds potential in various areas. We support hydrogen leaders; from pressure vessel manufacturers to fuel cell developers to provide the expertise and support that they need to continuously innovate. From helping new industry players to find the right solution, to helping well-established hydrogen leaders in optimising their maintenance operations; we aim to support the hydrogen shift in all stages of the journey.


As e-Mobility becomes a key focus in net-zero goals, governments phasing out traditional ICE vehicles to support the sustainability transition. We aim to support both traditional OEMs and e-Mobility component manufacturers to meet new standards in electric vehicle development, performance and durability. From assisting in thermal management testing and finding the right solution to prolong battery life, to finding lightweight bonding solutions to further performance standards, our team are here to support the switch to sustainable transport.

Renewable Energies

From manufacturers to maintenance and repair teams, we support all aspects of the renewable energy sector in providing and maintaining high-performance systems. Whether it be providing the right adhesives, lubricants and coatings to keep rope-access teams well-prepared for demanding jobs, or helping key players to shape the future of hydro-power systems, our team are dedicated to utilising decades of industry expertise to support the renewable energy adoption where it is needed most.

Get in contact with us to discuss how we can take your sustainability values to the next level today!


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