New COX 2K Cordless Dispenser (18V)

2k Dispenser

PC Cox are proud to announce the introduction of the new two component (2k) cordless dispenser. This tool
uses the same class leading cordless technology as our single component range, to ensure that it can
deliver high material output, in a precise and controlled manner.

COX 2K Dispenser Features and benefits

  • Customised tool control programmes (available on request)
  • Variable speed trigger – adjusts dispensing rate to suit different material viscosities / bead sizes
  • Anti-drip mechanism – automatic rack retraction after dispensing
  • Dosing control mechanism – readily available on tools required for chemical anchoring applications
  • Trigger lock – prevents accidental discharge of material
  • Soft rubber ouvermouldings – improved comfort, grip and stabilisation on inclined work surfacesCox 2k dispenser

Tool range / specifications

  • 200:200 – 750:750 bi-mixer configurations
  • Multi-ratio plungers are available for most cartridge systems
  • Maximum (no-load) speed: 4mm/second
  • Stall force: 6 kN
  • Weight: 3.0 – 4.5 kg (with battery fitted)

COX 2K Cordless Dispenser


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