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DIN 6701 Certified Technologies to Optimize Industrial Processes

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In this article we explore how it is possible to increase your production rate while saving labour costs, thanks to the Betamate Speed Technology which drastically reduces cure times and is in compliance with both DIN 6701 and EN-45545-2 railway regulations.

The implementation of new industrial trends such as automation, the arrival of new technologies, robotics, and virtual reality are profoundly changing our idea of understanding the industry. Currently, even the most traditional sectors are in a phase of continuous evolution aimed at optimizing industrial processes.

The main objective of this transformation, to what we know today as Industry 4.0, is the reduction of costs through automation and, at the same time, an increase in production.


What is Betamate Speed technology?

Betamate Speed is a curing acceleration technology that combines the speed of fixation of Betamate 7170 thixotropic polyurethane adhesive and a Betamate Accel 2 accelerator. This adhesive is suitable for structural joints that are subjected to high dynamic stresses and whose essential requirement is the development of high initial resistance, regardless of atmospheric humidity.

This technology saves labour as it allows parallel production, since the speed of curing makes it possible to handle and store items in less than an hour.

Betamate 7170 + Accel 2: The Acceleration of Window Curing

Betamate 7170 + Accel 2 is a rapid-curing single component polyurethane base adhesive. With regards to to surface treatment, it accepts the standard systems of wipes. This product is not conductive and is cured with the combination of the Betamate Accelerator or in exposure to atmospheric moisture. In addition, it is suitable for applications in the railway sector, industrial vehicles and the automotive sector for the adhesion of glass, metal structures and all types of panels.

The accelerator is an ideal solution for optimizing industrial processes due to having: a rapid curing time of less than 2 hours and a drying time of less than 1 hour.
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Product Properties

Betamate 7170 + Accel 2 is an adhesive used to optimize industrial processes in the transport sector including: automotive, rail, bus and marine. You can see the product’s data sheet here where its properties, applications and main features appear.

Main Advantages of Using Betamate Speed technology

The main competitive advantage of Betamate 7170 + Accel 2 is its rapid fixation that reduces the final cure time from 7 days to 24 hours. This quality makes it possible to streamline and optimize industrial processes to the fullest, making it possible to manufacture more products per hour and be able to store and transport them more quickly.

Betamate Speed technology also means a reduction in production costs of between 10-25%.

The main advantages can be summarised as:

  • Time saved during the curing process
  • A versatile product due to being single component
  • A reduction of labour due to speeding up processes
  • A more sustainable product option du to its reduction of waste
  • Curing can take place independent of environmental factors such as temperature or humidity
  • Compliance with railway regulations DIN 6701.
  • Compliance with railway regulations EN-45545-2.

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