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Dow Automotive contributes to the rebirth of the legendary Renault Alpine A110

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Renault Alpine A110

Alpine, the myth of French sports cars, is back!

For sports lovers, this dream that began in 1955 now continues. Having created cars like the famous 110. A 1973 World Rally Champion. The French brand Renault again launches the Alpine brand. The French company unveiled in the Geneva Motor Show the production version of this classic two-seater sports car, the new Alpine A110.

A car of compact size, good performance and great agility thanks to the design of its central engine and an extremely lightweight construction made of aluminium coupled with the structural adhesive BETAMATE 4600F that leaves a total vehicle weight of 1,080 kilograms for the less equipped version.

Giving life to the Alpine A110 rear-wheel-drive sports, we find a four-cylinder engine with 1.8 litres of displacement, which reaches a power of 252 bhp and a maximum torque of 320 Nm. It combines with a double clutch gearbox and seven gears with its own gear ratio, and the engine set-up is made by Alpine and Renault Sport, with specific intake, turbo and exhaust. 

Renault Alpine A110

Slim and athletic, the new Alpine A110 is impressive
Gael Buisson,
Western European Sales Manager at Dow Automotive Systems.

Renault Alpine A110

He also commented “If it can reach 100 km / h in just 4.5 seconds with a 252 horsepower engine, it is also thanks to its lightness: around 1100 kilograms.”

The new Alpine is built on an aluminium frame, joined with our structural adhesive BETAMATE 4600F (5 kg per vehicle) – A specific product developed for aluminium adhesion that offers lightness and strength.

The roof, which is made of composite and the windshield are joined with BETASEAL 1580 (2 kg per vehicle) We are very pleased that Dow contributes to the rebirth of this myth of the automobile made in France.

In Dieppe, Alpine plans to produce dozens of vehicles per day, in fact, the order book is already full for the first year.

New Alpine A110 at the Geneva Motor Show

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