Dow Awarded for: Development of new adhesives for vehicle construction

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Society of German Chemists (GDCh) awards Meyer-Galow-Preis for Business Chemistry to Dow-employees

Dow Awarded for: Development of new adhesives for vehicle construction

HORGEN, Switzerland: Monday, December 07, 2015

Dr. Andreas Lutz and Dr. Stefan Schmatloch responsible for research and development of new adhesive technologies at The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”), were awarded with the Meyer-Galow-award for business chemistry. This prize honors scientists in German-speaking countries who have a decisive role in a recent chemical innovation. Lutz and Schmatloch are receiving the prize, worth EUR 10,000, for the innovative development of the BETAFORCE™ adhesive that enables the efficient and permanent adhesion of fiber composite materials such as in lightweight vehicle construction. The award ceremony was hosted by Dow at their European Headquarter in Horgen, Switzerland, together with the Society German Chemists (German: Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker, GDCh), which manages the Meyer-Galow Foundation for Business Chemistry.

Automated application of adhesive bead in the body shop

The lighter the car, the less energy it consumes. Therefore, adhesives have found their way into vehicle construction and are increasingly being used. Even entire passenger compartments, which have to be particularly safe, can be produced from the new, lightweight materials. Carbon and fiberglass reinforced plastics, also known as fiber composites, are particularly promising. However: How are individual components being connected to ensure stability and resistance in a crash or during long-term use?

Lutz and Schmatloch from Dow Automotive Systems took on this challenge. They developed a dual component polyurethane structural adhesive – capable of curing either rapidly or at variable speed – depending, among other things, on the temperature. Thus, the adhesive is perfectly suited for both, the assembly process in large-scale production as well as for repairs. The aim was to balance the mixing and ratios of soft and hard segment polymers, to achieve high flexibility and elongation at fracture. The adhesive is already being applied on a broad basis such as in electric vehicles.

“The team at Dow proved to be leader of innovation in lightweight construction, with their new adhesives for composite materials and their holistic approach – working with their partners in the automobile industry – they made this important contribution to sustainable electrical mobility”, said Dr. Thomas Geelhaar, President GDCh. Professor Dr. Erhard Meyer-Galow, Donor, added: “After recognizing important innovations in the areas of health, environmental protection and communications over the last few years, we are delighted to honor the outstanding achievements of Dr. Lutz and Dr. Schmatloch in the electrical mobility market, for which lightweight, adhered bodywork is a prerequisite for continued growth. Once again, the award of this year’s prize will focus broad public attention on the sustainable innovations delivered by chemistry, which is the aim of my foundation.”

Heinz Haller, Executive Vice President of the Dow Chemical Company, Dow Europe, Middle East, Africa and India (EMEAI), Dr. Willem Huisman, President Dow Germany and Eugenio Toccalino, Global Marketing Director and Vice President Dow Automotive Systems joined numerous other invited guests at the formal award ceremony. The laudation was held by Professor Wiltrud Treffenfeldt, Chief Technology Officer EMEAI Dow Europe. Following the award ceremonies, the award winners gave a presentation on “Innovative Chemistry for Lightweight Construction Approaches in the Automobile Industry.” Dr. Erhard Meyer-Galow also delivered a speech to the invited audience.


From left to right: Eugenio Toccalino, Stefan Schmatloch, Wiltrud Treffenfeldt, Thomas Geelhaar, Erhard Meyer-Galow, Heinz Haller, Willem Huisman, Andreas Lutz.


Dr. Andreas Lutz, Associate Research & Development Director Adhesives Dow Automotive Systems, award winner
“Only after an efficient adhesive technology becomes available, the large-scale production of truly lightweight vehicles can start. The mechanical or thermal joining of modern lightweight materials is not a simple task. Adhesives have become an established and recognized joining technology, thanks to our unremitting and innovative efforts to develop new technologies. In this, Dow Automotive has made a substantial contribution to the design of modern, environmentally friendly vehicles.”

Dr. Stefan Schmatloch, Research & Development Manager Dow Automotive Systems, award winner
“The success of a development such as BETAFORCE is not only attributed to our ability to innovate and our many years of experience, but also to a large extent to understanding what is needed in the market place and by customers. Therefore, the relationship with customers who use the solution is an important element in the successful launch of a product such as BETAFORCE in the market – both in terms of the time required, as well as in relation to its properties and applications.”

Prof. Dr. Wiltrud Treffenfeldt, Chief Technology Officer Dow EMEAI
“We are delighted to receive the Meyer-Galow Prize for Business Chemistry, which recognizes Betaforce (TM) as a chemical innovation that has been successfully brought to market. This newly developed adhesive technology is an excellent example of superb collaboration throughout the development process: from a good grasp of customer requirements, creative development of new chemical solutions, efficient production, to the customized application technology for the customer. Through their research, the two award winners have made an important contribution to the construction of sustainable vehicles.”

About GDCh/Meyer-Galow
The Society of German Chemists (GDCh), with more than 31,000 members, is one of the largest chemistry societies in the world. It supports a large number of foundations, including the Meyer-Galow Foundation for Business Chemistry, which Dr. Erhard Meyer-Galow founded in 2012 to further promote business chemistry, especially from the angle of sustainability and the need for high quality chemical products and processes in our society. The task of the foundation is the annual award of the “Meyer-Galow Prize for Business Chemistry.” In line with a decision of the GDCh board dated 5 March 2012, the foundation is managed by the GDCh. The Meyer-Galow Prize was initiated in 2012 by Professor Erhard Meyer-Galow, who is the former Chairman of the Board at Huels AG and a former President of the GDCh. Since then, GDCh has awarded this prize annually. Meyer-Galow worked primarily in the area of the interface between chemistry and the market and lectured at the University of Muenster on “Business Chemistry in the Chemical Industry.”

About Dow
Dow (NYSE: DOW) combines the power of science and technology to passionately innovate what is essential to human progress. The Company is driving innovations that extract value from the intersection of chemical, physical and biological sciences to help address many of the world’s most challenging problems such as the need for clean water, clean energy generation and conservation, and increasing agricultural productivity. Dow’s integrated, market-driven, industry-leading portfolio of specialty chemical, advanced materials, agrosciences and plastics businesses delivers a broad range of technology-based products and solutions to customers in approximately 180 countries and in high-growth sectors such as packaging, electronics, water, coatings and agriculture. In 2014, Dow had annual sales of more than $58 billion and employed approximately 53,000 people worldwide. The Company’s more than 6,000 product families are manufactured at 201 sites in 35 countries across the globe. References to “Dow” or the “Company” mean The Dow Chemical Company and its consolidated subsidiaries unless otherwise expressly noted. More information about Dow can be found at www.dow.com

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