Dow Corning HM-2600 Silicone Assembly Sealant

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New Dow Corning Adhesives and Sealants Help Meet Appliance Assembly Challenges

The development of new materials has helped increase the performance and efficiency of home appliances. But some of these materials also present unique challenges in assembly and sealing. Dow Corning has introduced new adhesive and sealant products to help meet those challenges. “These materials are engineered to provide appliance manufacturers higher productivity, enhanced design options and cost-in-use savings,” says Gifford Shearer, Industrial Assembly & Maintenance Market Leader at Dow Corning.

Dow Corning HM-2500

Dow Corning HM-2600 Silicone Assembly Sealant is an RTV silicone hot-melt adhesive that offers instant green strength for high-speed assembly

Immediate hold • Increases productivity • Reduces costs

Instant Green Strength Adhesive for High Throughput
“Silicone-based sealants offer excellent performance properties for many appliance applications,” says Shearer. “With the introduction of new silicone hot melt sealants, Dow Corning is helping to satisfy appliance manufacturers’ needs for high-speed, high-volume production with an alternative to mechanical fasteners or pressure-sensitive tapes.”

Dow Corning HM-2600Dow Corning HM-2600 Silicone Assembly Sealant offers excellent clarity, tenacious adhesion to many substrates (metals and various plastics including low surface energy types) as well as instant green strength to enable high assembly throughput. The new adhesive is suitable for use with XY tables, robots and other automatic dispensing and assembly methods, Galbraith says. “Compared to organic hot melt adhesives, it offers long open/working time before curing to a flexible yet tough adhesive.”

Dow Corning HM-2600 Silicone Assembly Sealant is certified to UL94 HB and currently is being tested for food contact and drinking water contact.

Dow Corning HM-2500 Advantages

We want to ensure that your transition to our hot-melt technology is a successful one. In addition to supplying you with our new, reactive hot-melt silicone, Dow Corning also provides you with proven and tested equipment solutions. Pre-engineered pump and robotic equipment combinations have been adapted for use with the Dow Corning® HM-2500 reactive hot-melt sealant and are available through our preferred equipment suppliers.

■ Instant green strength for immediate hold

  • Parts move from one processing step to the next
  • Improves quality, increases productivity, reduces costs

■ No “hold time” requirement

  • Ship parts as fast as you can make them
  • Increases productivity, reduces space requirements
  •  Saves time and money

■ Worker friendly

  • Non-hazardous formulation
  • Very low odor

■ Long pot life and long open time

  • Material stability
  • Offers processing flexibility and manufacturing options
  • Reduces sealant failure concerns

■ Proven neutral-cure 100% silicone chemistry

  • Compatible with most common component materials without the need of a primer
  • Cures to a flexible, weather-resistant silicone elastomer with outstanding durability and UV resistance

■ Aggressive adhesion to PVC, aluminum, painted and treated wood, high performance paints, plastics and various substrates

  • Long-lasting adhesion
  • A seamless seal

■ Crystal clear or select colors for improved aesthetics

  • Dow Corning HM-2500 offers the perfect combination of long open time and instant green strength. It gives you 15 minutes to set the part. But once the part is placed, the hold is immediate.

Dow Corning HM-2600

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