Dow Corning, a global leader in silicone technology will present a webinar on silicone adhesives on Thursday 19th October at 2pm (GMT). 

New Silicone AdhesivesFlorian Damrath, Technical Service & Development Expert for Dow Advanced Assembly Solutions Europe will lead the webinar, looking at the newest silicone adhesive technologies and how they are providing more options to optimize your assembly processes.

These innovations include Quick in Connect (QiC) adhesives, high “green strength” adhesives, Thermal Radical Cure™ adhesives, and the new fast low-temperature cure adhesive (Dow Corning® EA-6060 Adhesive).

The webinar will compare the new silicone adhesives with more-traditional options, discussing cure times, energy needed for curing (if any), adhesion profiles (robustness), pricing, “green strength,” and applications.

When assembling electronics modules, manufacturers can optimize processes to reduce costs. The choice of adhesive can greatly impact those costs, through the energy use, process time and other factors. Learn about the less-obvious ways that your choice of adhesives can make your process more efficient.

The Dow Corning webinar is aimed at manufacturers and designers of a broad range of electronic assembly applications — from automotive electronics to battery packs, communication devices, lamps and luminaires and more.

If you missed the Dow Corning webinar, the recording is now available to watch online here

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