Dow Automotive Structural Adhesives enhance lightweight module construction

Dow Automotive Systems structural adhesives BETAFORCE™, BETAMATE™ and BETASEAL™ solutions have been shown to enhance lightweight module construction.

Car manufacturers are increasingly designing and using a mix of multi-materials in liftgate/hatchback, decklids, and front-end carrier modules. This helps to reduce weight whilst maintaining design flexibility, style and safety performance.

Structural adhesive bonding of these lightweight modules can deliver further weight savings for manufacturers.

Automotive tier suppliers and OEM’s have already seen 3kg to 10kg weight savings per module from using Dow’s structural adhesives. Other benefits of the adhesives include the ability to bond composites, reduce welding and mechanical fasteners, seal against corrosion for better durability, increase strength and stiffness for crash worthiness and enhance the customer driving experience.

Dow structural adhesives are developed with rapid-cure characteristics that process well in mass production manufacturing environments. The primerless-to-plastic formulations can remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from assembly operations.

BETAFORCE –  Composites Bonding Adhesives

Betaforce adhesives enable significant weight reduction, acoustic performance and corrosion protection in modular assemblies. The adhesive can be used to bond metals like steel to aluminium, carbon fibre panels to steel or aluminium to sheet molding compound (SMC).

BETAMATE –  Structural Bonding Adhesives

Betamate adhesives provide high performance bonding to steel, aluminium and other materials to enhance stiffness, reduce vehicle weight and improve crash and durability performance.

Betamate 2K adhesives can simplify the assembly processes and minimise production costs.

BETASEAL – Glass Bonding for Automotive

Betaseal glass bonding systems are used worldwide for the structural bonding and sealing of stationary vehicle glass. These glass bonding systems consist of BETACLEAN cleaners, BETAPRIME primers, and BETASEAL adhesives that provide a total bonding solution for glass bonding applications.

Dow Structural Adhesives offer high-performance bonding in lightweight multi-material vehicles.

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