The multinational Dow received 21 nominations in the awards known as ‘Oscars of innovation’ for products already on the market.

21 nominations in the ‘Oscars of Innovation’. Dow Chemical Company is the second largest chemical company in the world in production. Its engine of innovation can not stop for a second to give immediate answers to the latest industry trends responses. One example is that in the last R & D 100 Awards, considered the ‘Oscar of Innovation’, 21 technological developments of the US multinational finalists of the awards were granted ‘R & D Magazine’.

In search of sustainability. The awards recognize the most significant innovations of the year. Dow captivated the jury with its sustainable solutions in electronics, water saving, security and more efficient vehicles. R & D 100 Awards technological promises not awards, but products that are already improving the lives of consumers. Therefore, each of the 21 finalists references Dow began selling last year.

More efficient vehicles. BETAMATE structural adhesive reduces the final weight of vehicles and thus improve fuel efficiency. The automotive industry is forced to produce cars that meet consumer expectations and standards of safety, comfort and sustainability of governments. Dow adhesive reduces the weight of 70 to 100 kilos over previous models. The result is not only a more efficient fuel consumption, but also a decrease in emissions of carbon dioxide.