We are happy to announce that through the help of Antala, the production of the new electric London taxi has been brought to completion, using DuPont’s BETAMATE™ range of products.

new electric london taxi
The New TX Model (right) Pictured With An Older Model (left) [Photo: AUTOCAR]
Official announcements have been made to reflect Antala’s significant role in the production of the latest London electric taxi model, LEVC TX, through Antala’s DuPont representative Richard Wollaston. In this article we briefly explore the journey of this new vehicle and how we were able to use DuPont’s BETAMATE™ range of products to solve its challenges.

Why New Electric London Taxis Were Needed

As the global challenge to be more sustainable, eco-friendly and carbon-neutral grows, governments have changed their legislations to reflect these values. As of 2018, the UK government demands all new licensed London taxis to be Zero Emission Capable, as a way to tackle the heavy pollution present in London.

new electric london taxi 2

Additionally, to work towards this goal further, these challenges required the new London taxi to be more lightweight, comfortable, and securely put-together than previous models, making it more energy efficient and modern.

How DuPont Products Provided Solutions

Lightweight Bonding

BETAFORCE™ adhesives and BETAPRIME™ primers were used, alongside BETAWIPE™ cleaners, to provide excellent lightweight bonding that eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners. Additionally, by reducing the substrate thickness, improving load carrying capabilities, and optimizing panel stiffness, the vehicle weight is kept to a minimum. Weight savings contribute towards a higher efficiency when in electric mode.

Glass Bonding

BETASEAL™ and BETAFILL™ sealers were used to bond the glass panels in the vehicle; filling gaps and finishing seams to prevent moisture intrusion, reducing chances of corrosion, and providing thermal and acoustical management advantages.

Integral Strength

BETAFORCE™ adhesives and BETAPRIME™ primers were used to integrate all parts of the LEVC TX model into a unified body. The glass, chassis, roof, brackets and posts formed a structural unit with high integral strength, using BETAMATE™ structural adhesives that can bond dissimilar substrates. This leads to increased safety for the passengers as the vehicle is able to be more crash resistant and less turbulent.

london taxi infographic
Image: DuPont

Technical Benefits of the BETAMATE™ Range

The BETAMATE™ range of products exhibit various benefits in many applications. A few of these benefits are listed below:

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