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Electric Outboard Motor Corrosion Protection

Electric outboard motor protection: Explore the best methods for fighting the effects of freshwater and saltwater corrosion.

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Electric Outboard Motor powering small vessel.
Tectyl offers innovative solutions for electric outboard motor protection.

Electric outboard motors

An electric outboard motor is a propulsion system used on boats and watercraft. Powered by electricity rather than the traditional petrol or diesel internal combustion method, electric outboard motors boast many advantages over their gas-fuelled counterparts, as they’re more environmentally friendly, require less maintenance, and are far quieter to operate. As with most mechanisms operating in marine and aquatic environments, corrosion threatens to compromise the structural integrity, functionality, and performance of electric outboard motors, causing decreased performance, potential safety hazards, and a reduced lifespan if left untreated. However, innovative specialist solutions, alongside proactive maintenance, help maintain the health and longevity of electric outboard motors.

The corrosion challenge

Electric outboard motors operating in marine or freshwater environments must contend with water, moisture, microbes, and salt. The most vulnerable components within an electric outboard motor include;

  • Metallic exterior surfaces
  • Internal electrical connections
  • Cooling system components
  • The propeller and shaft
  • Mechanical fasteners and bolts

The most significant corrosion risk in marine environments is saltwater. Saltwater contains highly corrosive chloride ions that initiate a rapid electrochemical process known as galvanic corrosion upon contact with metal surfaces. Other environmental factors such as high humidity, temperature fluctuations, salt spray, and microbial activity also contribute to the corrosive deterioration of electric outboard motors in coastal settings. In freshwater environments, dissolved oxygen, acidity, and impurities are the leading causes of corrosion. Outboard motors are especially vulnerable to freshwater corrosion in stagnant waters or areas of low water flow.

Corrosion inhibitors, coatings, and sealants

Anti-corrosion coatings and sealants offer remarkable benefits for electric outboard motors. Corrosion inhibitors create a barrier between components and the corrosive aquatic environment, reducing the risks of corrosion-related damage and prolonging the motor’s lifespan. Using corrosion inhibitors after cleaning helps to remove any residual contaminants adhering to motor components.

Tectyl Multipurpose Transparent Solvent

Tectyl, a global manufacturer of marine corrosion inhibitors and anti-rust coatings, has developed a sprayable corrosion protector known as Tectyl Multipurpose Transparent. This best-in-class product offers superior protection for maximum electric outboard motor performance. A versatile, sprayable protector ideal for marine environments—Tectyl Multipurpose Spay—is non-conductive, making it suitable for electronic components and chrome-plated parts. An easy-to-apply aerosol spray, Tectyl Multipurpose Transparent is the perfect tool for anti-corrosion protection and maintenance of electric outboard motors.

Tectyl 506

For outboard motor manufacturers or those dealing with large-scale maintenance of a sizable fleet, Tectyl 506 is a brush-on solution that doesn’t require the levels of ventilation, protective equipment, and protocols that come with working with aerosol sprays. Tectyl 506 is available in various sizes and offers up to 18 months of outdoor protection. Tectyl 506 has good water displacing properties and penetration, making it a highly suitable corrosion protective for electric outboard motors.  

Electric outboard motor maintenance 

Regular maintenance helps in assuring the longevity of an electric outboard motor. Here, we explore the tips and tricks supporting effective corrosion inhibitors

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance: Proper maintenance of an electric outboard motor after use can improve longevity. It is best practice to thoroughly rinse to remove salt, debris, or contaminants from the propeller and gearbox. Similarly, flushing the cooling system can remove impurities. After cleaning and rinsing, let the motor dry before applying a corrosion inhibitor and placing the electric outboard motor in storage.  
  • Proper electric outboard motor storage: Following cleaning, damage inspection, application of a corrosion inhibitor and maintenance, the motor is best stored in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated storage area. Vertically stow electric outboard motors to prevent water accumulation in sensitive areas and cover the motor with a breathable, waterproof cover, shielding it from dust, moisture, and UV exposure. 

Tectyl’s innovative corrosion protection

Tectyl Multipurpose Transparent (previously known as Glashelder Klar) and Tectyl 506 are best-in-class solutions for electric outboard motor corrosion resistance.


  • Superior protection
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Fast drying
  • Multipurpose
  • 6-18 month outdoor protection period

Tectyl Multipurpose Transparent and Tectyl 506 are part of the Tectyl range. Tectyl is known for its innovative solutions, service, and expertise in industrial applications. A trusted global brand for over 80 years, Tectyl products offer the perfect solutions for rust protection in marine environments. 

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