Premium Encapsulation for E-Motors with Huntsman Araldite

Encapsulation and impregnation compounds are essential in achieving prime e-motor performance. In this article, we explore top encapsulation and impregnation solutions for e-motors.

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encapsulation for e-motors
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Encapsulation for E-Motors

Encapsulation compounds protect intricate equipment, such as those found within e-motors, by coating them in resin. By providing a protective layer, encapsulants fortify components from moisture, dust, shock, chemicals and physical tampering; allowing for a longer lifespan and higher performance. Encapsulation and “potting” are commonly used by manufacturers of electronic equipment to protect their systems from potential contaminants.

Benefits of Encapsulation for E-Motors

Huntsman Araldite encapsulation compounds benefit e-motors by providing:

  • Optimal thermal conductivity
  • Improved thermal endurance
  • Superior crack resistance
  • Fast gap-filling properties
  • Optimised chemical stability

Top Encapsulation Solutions for E-Motors

Huntsman are industry experts in encapsulation technologies; providing top solutions including:

Araldite CW 5742 / Aradur HY 5726 is an encapsulation system ideal for rotors and stators within e-motors. It provides excellent gap-filling and flow capabilities, allowing fast processing, as well as superb thermal and chemical endurance. Its high glass transition temperature of 210°C allows low thermal expansion within the operating range.

Araldite CW 30386/Aradur HW 30387 is an encapsulation system ideal for rotors within e-motors. It provides very high thermal and chemical endurance, as well as fast gel and cure times. It has a high glass transition temperature and low thermal expansion within the operating range.

Araldite CW 2731 is an encapsulation system that is ideal for stator end-turns within e-motors. It enables very high thermal conductivity and endurance, as well as great resistance to atmospheric and chemical degradation. It also provides a deep viscosity drop above 60°C, allowing fast processing.

Impregnation for E-Motors

Impregnation compounds fill voids, cracks and pores within surfaces, such as metal castings, to seal and strengthen them. Through filling small gaps, impregnation compounds enable materials to improve performance by withstanding more adverse vibrations, temperatures, chemicals and impacts.

Benefits of Impregnation for E-Motors

Huntsman Araldite impregnation compounds benefit e-motors by providing:

  • Hydrolysis and media resistance
  • Optimal gelling
  • Improved thermal resistance
  • Ageing resistance
  • Solutions free of volatile organic compounds

Top Impregnation Solutions for E-Motors

Huntsman Araldite are industry experts in impregnation compounds, providing top solutions including:

Araldite 38600 is an impregnation system ideal for dipping impregnation of e-motors. It’s a flexible system that can improve the crack resistance of materials. In addition, it is of low bath viscosity and high bath stability.

Araldite 38500 is an impregnation system ideal for trickle impregnation of e-motors. It provides a fast curing time with a high glass temperature. In addition, it enables improved wetting and adhesion to primary insulation.

Araldite CY 38340/Aradur HY 38341 is an impregnation system ideal for trickle impregnation of e-motors. It provides high toughness, good adhesion and fast cure times at low temperatures. With a shelf life of many years, it’s a stable compound for e-motors.

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