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How to Reduce Your Need for Extra Support in Extreme Conditions

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In this article we explore how to best manage the issue of requiring extra support when carrying out repair and maintenance tasks in difficult weather conditions; particularly how to reduce ever needing extra support.

construction platform

Additional support is often required by repair teams when the external conditions at a repair site are undesirable. Forms of additional support can vary from heat blankets needed for efficient curing, security platforms needed in high winds, or simply extra staff needed to get the job done.

Carefully planning out your repair procedure can lead to a reduced need for extra materials, aids and tools even when unexpected factors are interfering with your repair works. The tips provided in this article, combined with the use of Araldite® 2050 and Araldite® 2051 structural adhesives for demanding conditions, can allow you to reduce your need for additional support and carry out repairs in a much smoother fashion.

heat blanket

Tips to reduce your need for extra support

  • Stock up on new adhesives that enable you to cure substrates at low temperatures, eliminating the requirement of heat blankets for the curing process.
  • Consider using adhesive tubes that do not require extra support for welding, which would be able to render obsolete big constructions required for welding (depending on the materials under repair).
  • Consider using new adhesive options that only require minimal surface preparation in order to cure successfully. By reviewing the surface preparation requirements on your current range of solutions and simplifying them, you will be able to remove a potentially complicated stage from the repair and maintenance process.


Advantages of reducing your need for extra materials, aids and tools

  • A simplification of your planning procedure due to no planning being required for extra materials.
  • Fewer specialised staff members required for carrying out extra support tasks, e.g. setting up security platforms, flying a helicopter, etc.
  • An overall increase of productivity and decrease of downtime.

support case study

By using new, fast-curing adhesives that don’t require special surface treatments, such as the  Araldite® 2050 and Araldite® 2051 structural adhesives for extreme conditions, you will be able to massively reduce your need for extra support when carrying out maintenance work in demanding weather.

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