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How to Improve Your Railway Processes with a Fast Curing Adhesive

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In this article we explore how a technician in the transport sector, mainly railway, can benefit from using fast curing adhesive solutions such as the Betamate Speed system.

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Currently, the transport industry is undergoing a profound renovation due to the emergence of new technologies that streamline and make processes more flexible. The implementation of new industrial trends such as automation, the arrival of new technologies, robotics or virtual reality are profoundly changing our idea of ​​understanding this industry.

This trend does, however, make it easier to achieve more agile production processes and reduce plant space when combined with technologies such as Betamate Speed. This solution is a fast curing adhesive, composed of Betamate 7170 + Accel 2 adhesive, capable of significantly reducing curing times and working harmoniously with modern automated systems.

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What is Betamate Speed technology?

Betamate Speed ​​is a curing acceleration technology that manages to combine the rapid fixation of the thixotropic polyurethane adhesive Betamate 7170 and the accelerating action of the accelerator Betamate Accel. This fast curing adhesive is suitable for structural joints subjected to high dynamic stresses. Its main specialty is its rapid development of a high initial resistance regardless of the atmospheric humidity present. This new technology saves labour and, at the same time, offers the possibility of increasing production rate since the rapid curing allows us to handle and store items in less than an hour.

Betamate 7170 + Accel 2: Acceleration of window curing

Betamate 7170 + Accel 2 is a fast curing monocomponent polyurethane base adhesive. This product cures with the combination of Betamate Accelerator or exposure to atmospheric moisture. In addition, this fast curing adhesive is suitable for applications in the railway industry, the bus sector, industrial vehicles and automotive. This accelerator is designed for the adhesion of crystals, metal structures and all types of panels.

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Product properties

Betamate 7170 + Accel 2 is a fast curing adhesive used to optimize industrial processes in the transport sector: automotive, rail, bus and marine. This polyurethane adhesive is ideal for applications that require strong but flexible joints and for the bonding of multiple substrates with different rates of thermal expansion, including luggage, floors, composite side panels, side windows, windshields and rear windows, painted pillars and panels of roof. These are some of its main most important properties:

  • High viscosity
  • High modulus
  • Non-conducting
  • Elongation at break > 250%
  • Tensile strength: 7 MPa
  • Maximum open time 20 min (depending on the accelerator percentage)

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Main advantages of a fast curing adhesive such as Betamate Speed

One of the most important advantages of Betamate 7170 + Accel 2 is its rapid fixation, capable of reducing the final cure time from seven days to 24 hours. In addition, this feature makes it possible to optimize industrial processes by making them much more agile. In other words, the rapid fixation of the accelerator allows to manufacture more products per hour and store them faster since they can be handled in just 60 minutes. Some of the main advantages of using this adhesive system are:

  • Use as a single component or bicomponent.
  • High thixotropy or quick fix effect.
  • Adequate time to complete the assembly, despite rapid curing.
  • Cures independent of environmental factors such as temperature or humidity.
  • Full cure in less than 30 hours.
  • Primer-less: adheres well to a wide variety of substrates without priming (compatible with the Uniwipe system).
  • Elastic capacities, ideal for filling gaps.
  • Able to withstand high dynamic loads.
  • Complies with railway regulations EN-45545-2.
  • Compliance with railway regulations DIN 6701.
  • Approved for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and commercial transport.

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