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Food-Grade Vacuum Pump and Compressor Oils

In this article, we explore the top food-grade vacuum pump and compressor oils.

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food grade vacuum pumps and compressor oils

The Importance of Vacuum Pump and Compressor Oils

Compressors and vacuum pumps are used extensively in the food & drinks industry.

Compressors are commonly used to create pressurised gas, pump materials, operate pneumatic equipment and enable heating and air conditioning applications. Screw air compressors are the most typically used type of compressor in food-processing plants.

Vacuum pumps are commonly used to create an area devoid of air or gas, enabling cleaning, sealing and keeping objects in place. Rotary vane, claw, reciprocating, side channel, diaphragm and piston vacuum pumps are the most typically used types of vacuum pumps in food-processing plants.

Food-grade compressors and vacuum pumps must adhere to strict hygiene and health & safety standards, ensuring they:

  • Don’t contribute to the contamination of food products or other machinery involved in food processing.
  • Provide resistance to water and humidity exposure
  • Don’t corrode, oxidate or rust
  • Don’t wear down, losing efficiency and contaminating products with particulates
  • Provide resistance to high and low temperatures
  • Operate optimally at high loads and operation times
  • Operate optimally at high pressures and speeds

These properties are enabled through the use of NSF H1/H3, ISO 21469-certified oils and lubricants that ensure they are fit for contact with food. This allows food manufacturers to reduce downtimes, reduce maintenance and repairs, ensure food safety and save costs by increasing efficiencies.

Compressors and Vacuum Pumps in the Food & Drinks Industry

Compressors and vacuum pumps are commonly used in the food & drinks industry for:

  • Creating pressurised/vacuum environments to hold products in one place
  • Positioning lids on containers and food packaging
  • Carbonising beverages
  • Deodourising and removing steam or air
  • Preserving food products
  • Extracting waste byproducts
  • Vacuum packing products
  • Drying processes
  • Fermentation
  • Beverage bottling
  • Dispensing ingredients

Top Food-Grade Vacuum Pump and Compressor Oils

JAX food-grade oils are ideal for compressors and vacuum pumps  in food processing plants as they:

  • Reduce friction and wear on processing machinery – improving efficiencies and reducing the frequency of maintenance, saving costs.
  • Reduce noise levels – leading to a more worker-friendly environment.
  • Increase equipment lifetime – reducing the need for repairs or replacements.
  • Improve equipment safety – reducing health & safety hazards, ensuring safe operability of machinery.
  • Protect against corrosion, water and chemicals – reducing inefficiencies and the likelihood of equipment damage.
  • Provide full safety for storage, freezing and vacuum packing.
  • Ensure functionality while eliminating food & food waste contamination.
  • Ensure functionality without contributing to food allergens.
  • Improving general hygiene in the workspace.
  • Reduce the risk of cavitation and pump damage.
  • Reduce sludge and residue.
  • Provide extended drain intervals.
  • Provide full safety and confidence for contact with food.

NSF H1, ISO 21469 Vacuum Pump and Compressor Oils 

Compresyn 250 I. is a semi-synthetic lubricant is semi-synthetic oil for compressors and vacuum pumps. It provides low fluid volatility, high hydrolytic stability and excellent fluid dispersibility to eliminate “settling” tendencies and deposit formation.

Compresyn 545 I. is a 100% synthetic lubricant is a 100% synthetic oil for compressors and vacuum pumps in critical conditions. It provides low fluid volatility, superior hydrolytic stability, an improved sealing effect and excellent fluid dispersibility to eliminate “settling” tendencies and deposit formation.


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