Dow Corning Gasket Technologies

Meet tough application challenges with advanced silicone adhesive/sealants

For demanding automotive environments and extreme temperatures, we can help you develop solutions to meet your automotive bonding, sealing and gasketing needs with the high performance Dow Corning gasket technologies.

Dow Corning® brand silicone and fluorosilicone adhesive/sealants deliver the high performance automotive applications demand. In addition, they also can help you improve productivity.

Get the bonding, sealing and gasketing properties you need
Proven Dow Corning adhesive/sealants are durable, easy to process and have exceptional performance characteristics:

Increase your processing efficiency with these high-performance material choices

Provide dependable engine sealing and gasketing

Choose proven Silastic® brand elastomers and Dow Corning® brand sealants to withstand high temperatures, extreme pressures and harsh fluids that can cause organic rubber seals and gaskets to fail.

We have solutions for your sealing and gasketing needs