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High Thermal Conductivity For The Protection Of Automotive Electronics & Telecommunication Devices

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DOWSIL™ TC-4060 GB250 Thermal Gel

DOWSIL™ TC-4060 GB250 Gel is a new, high thermal conductivity material suitable for the protection of automotive electronics and telecommunication devices where heat dissipation is critical.


Key Benefits:

  • High thermal conductivity 6 W/m.K
  • Soft, stress-relieving, shock damping
  • Excellent dispensing
  • Long-term stability in high-temperature and high-power environments
  • Glass bead 250µ to control thickness


High Power Density Applications

Automotive electronics

  • Power electronics
    • Converter/inverter
    • OBC
    • ECU

Telecommunication devices

  • Telecom power supply units
  • High-frequency devices (5G)


Silicones Portfolio


DOWSIL™ TC-4060 Gel / DOWSIL™ TC 4060 GB250 Gel

2K Thermal gel for automotive and telecommunications applications

  • Thermal conductivity ~ 6W/mK; very easy to dispense, soft, low VOC


DOWSIL™ TC-4551 CV Gap Filler

2K Gap filler for automotive power applications

  • Thermal conductivity ~5 W/mK, vertical stability before and after curing; very low VOC


DOWSIL™ TC-3060 Gel

1K Cold storage (-10°C) thermal gel for telecom applications

  • Thermal conductivity ~6 W/mK, printable


DOWSIL™ TC-7006* Gum

1K RT storage thermal gum for 5G

  • Thermal conductivity 6.4 W/mK, self-curing material with excellent vertical stability


Test Property
Two-part; Mix ratio – 1:1
CTM 0538 Colour:
Part A – White
Part B – Blue
ASTM D 2556 Viscosity mPa-Sec:
Part A 1s-1 390.000
Part A 10s-1 140.000
ASTM D792 Specific gravity (g/cm3) Parts A and B: 3.5
ASTM D 2556 Viscosity mPa-Sec:
Part B 1s-1 460.000
Part B 10s-1 140.000
ASTM D 2556 Viscosity (Mixed 1s-1) mPa-Sec: 426.000
ASTM D 5289 Cure time:
At 22°C 24 hours
At 80°C 30 minutes



Test Property
ASTM D 1824 Pot life at 22°C : 80 minutes
ASTM D 2440 Durometer Shore 00
after 24 hrs. at 25°C: 55
after 1 hr. at 110°C: 58
E-Modulus by DMA; 0.2 MPa
CTM 0137 Tensile strength 0.05 MPa
ISO2 22007-2 6.5 W/m.K
ASTM D 2440 5.6 W/m.K
Thermal conductivity
6.5 W/m.K
5.6 W/m.K
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 233 ± 59 ppm/°C
ASTM F 2466 D3-D12 Volatile siloxane content <100 ppm
ASTM D 149 Dielectric strength 8.5 kV/mm
ASTM D 257 Volume resistivity 4×1012 Ω*cm
DAK-TL2 Dielectric constant 10MHz – 20GHz: 7.78
UL 94 V-0 Flammability rating
IEC-60112 Comparative tracking index >600 V
Shelf life <40°C (104°F) 270 days



Thermal Conductivity

  • Hot Disk: 6.5 W/mK
  • ASTM D5470: 5.6 W/mK

Thermal resistance

Thickness (mm) Rth – (°C x cm 2/W)
0,413 0,747
0,949 1,776
1,944 3,513

DOWSIL™ TC-4060 GB250


Open Time & Curing Profile

Open time

  • 80 minutes at room temperature after mixing
  • 24 hours for full cure at room temperature (up to 70 hours in hermetic confinement)
  • Accelerated with 30 minutes at 80°C
  • Fully cured in 1 hour at 100°C

DOWSIL™ TC-4060 GB250_open time


Slump Resistance & Vertical Stability

  • Uncured material doesn’t resist vertical position
  • Cured product survives all ageing protocols


DOWSIL™ TC-4060 GB250_resistance vs stability

DOWSIL™ TC-4060 Gel flipped immediately after dispensing. Picture taken after five minutes.


High Purity Metals

Total D3-D12 content below 100 ppm

2 mm for 2 hrs at RT /
24 hrs at 25°C – 50% RH
Part A
30 ml
Part B
30 ml
D3 (ppm) <LOD* <LOD <LOD
D4 (ppm) <LOD <LOD 7
D5 (ppm) <LOD <LOD 6
D6 (ppm) <LOD <LOD <LOD
D7 (ppm) <LOD <LOD <LOD
D8 (ppm) <LOD <LOD <LOD
D9 (ppm) <LOD <LOD <LOD
D10 (ppm) <LOD <LOD <LOD
D11 (ppm) <LOD <LOD <LOD
D12 (ppm) <LOD <LOD <LOD
* Below limit of detection (<LOD)


Ionic species below 5 ppm (Na below 10 ppm)

Element DOWSIL™ TC-4060
Gel (1)
Gel (2)
Fluoride 0.49 0.49
Chloride 0.33 0.33
Nitrite ND (0.1) ND (0.1)
Sulfate ND (0.1) ND (0.1)
Bromide ND (0.1) ND (0.1)
Nitrate 0.64 0.51
Phosphate ND (0.1) ND (0.1)
Lithium ND (0.1) ND (0.1)
Sodium 5.8 5.2
Ammonium 0.29 0.29
Potassium ND (0.1) ND (0.1)
Magnesium ND (0.1) ND (0.1)
Calcium 0.00 0.00
Results reported in ug/g


Thermal-Conductivity Ageing

DOWSIL™ TC-4060 GB250_conductivity aging


E-Modulus By DMA & CTE

DOWSIL™ TC-4060 GB250_modulus vs curing conditions


Dow internal test method

CTE by TMA Value
-40 to 150°C 233 ± 59
-40 to 80°C 201 ± 44

Very minor E-modulus changes during ageing test. CTE in range for thermally-conductive silicones.



  • Excellent dispensing performance​ at a fast rate
  • Dispensing speed 1.0 ml/sec
    – Higher dispensing speed is possible depending on machine conditions
  • CMK > 2.0 for 0.2 ml
  • Helps reduce cycle time
  • Allows intricate design geometries

Dispensing equipment (Scheugenpflugon video)

  • A90 C – Compact Material Feeding System
  • DosP DP803 2C/01 – Volumetric Piston Dispenser
  • DispensingCell DC803 – High-Performance Multifunctional Cell


Source: Dow Thermally-Conductive Composites Paper


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