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Araldite Adhesives Range for Assembly Operations

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With over 60 years in adhesive technology, Huntsman Advanced Materials offers a range of high performance structural adhesives. The Araldite adhesives range provides superior bonding solutions for metals, plastics and composites.

Products include fast curing adhesives designed to give results in minutes, load bearing adhesives for bonding metals and composites, gap-filling and vertical applications and adhesives that are resistant to high temperatures and chemicals.

These structural adhesives are designed for virtually all markets including Aerospace, Rail, Automotive, Marine, Renewable Energy (Wind, Solar, Tidal), Composites, Electronics and General Assembly Operations.

Products are extensively qualified to meet today’s requirements and industry standards such as flammability ratings UL 94 V-0 and flame retardant standard NF F16-101 12, DNV-GL certification for the wind power industry, EN 45545-2 for rail applications, Lloyd for marine applications.

Araldite adhesives deliver long term performance, durability and aesthetics. Engineers are choosing adhesives as a replacement for mechanical fasteners to reduce costs and improve assembly operations.

Based on three key chemistries – epoxy, methacrylate and polyurethanes, Araldite adhesives can be used for a variety of industrial applications.


Epoxies are load bearing adhesives that provide good adhesion to metals and composites. Two component epoxies consist of an epoxy resin and hardener that can cure at room temperature.

Key features of two component epoxies

  • Excellent adhesion to metals and thermoset composites
  • High strength and stiffness
  • High temperature resistance (adhesive specific)
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High creep resistance
  • High fatigue resistance
  • Low Shrinkage
  • Longevity

Featured products

Araldite 2014-2 is a high temperature and chemical resistant adhesive with good gap fill.

Araldite 2015-1  a toughened adhesive with high resistance to water, humidity and chemicals. Gap fill up to 10mm. Ideal for GRP and SMC applications.

Araldite AW4858/HW 4858 is a tough and resilient adhesive with good moisture resistance and high lap shear and peel strength. Ideal for bonding large CFRP parts.

Araldite AW4859/HW 4859 has high strength and thermal stability, even in high temperatures. Suitable for bonding carbon fibre. 

Araldite 420 A/B is an extremely tough adhesive with high shear and peel strength. Suitable for bonding honeycomb and fibre reinforced composites.


Methacrylate’s are fast setting and resilient adhesives for composites, thermoplastics and metals with minimal surface preparation. Methacrylates are supplied as two parts; the resin and catalyst and available in a range of cure speeds and as a paste or liquid.

Key features of two component methacrylate adhesives

  • Excellent adhesion to metals, thermoset composites and most thermoplastics
  • Good adhesion with minimum surface preparation.
  • Tolerant to mix-ratio variations
  • Good long-term durability
  • Wide spectrum of available reactivity
  • Optimum ratio open-time/cure time
  • Mechanical properties from rigid to flexible

Featured products

Araldite 2050 offers rapid curing for applications underwater, saltwater and in cold conditions. The adhesive can cure to low temperatures of -20 °C, while having excellent ageing and weathering resistance.

Araldite 2051 is a fast curing adhesive for bonding applications in warm, humid and even saltwater conditions. The adhesive cures to temperatures of up to 35°C without additional heat.

Araldite 2048-1 is a quick setting, flexible adhesive with high elongation, good gap fill and chemical resistance.

Araldite 2021-1 is a multi-purpose, non-sagging adhesive with high peel strength. Ideal for bonding metals to GRP panels.

Araldite 2047-1 is a gap filling, cold curing adhesive with high impact resistance and suitable for bonding difficult metals.


Polyurethane adhesives provide strong joints, which are resistant to impact. Ideal for bonding FRP and thermoplastic materials.

Key features of polyurethane adhesives

  • Excellent adhesion to most thermoplastics and composite materials
  • Good adhesion to metals
  • Mechanical properties from rigid to flexible
  • Good long term durability
  • Good combination of strength and flexibility

Featured products

Araldite 2028-1 is a transparent, UV stable adhesive with high shear and peel strength and a short pot life of 6 minutes. Suitable for encapsulation of electric circuits and transformers.

Araldite 2018  is a flexible adhesive with good UV stability and low shrinkage. The adhesive had a pot life of 40 minutes.

XB 5090-1 / Arathane HY 5611-1 is a room temperature curing adhesive with good environmental and chemical resistance. Suitable as a laminating adhesive for foam sandwich constructions.

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