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Huntsman Winner of JEC Innovation Awards 2016

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Under the JEC World (Paris, March 8-10) will be awarded the 29 winners of the innovation awards in composite materials.

The selection is based on technical interest, commercial potential, collaborations, financial and environmental impact and originality. “With categories ranging from raw materials to processes and applications in various fields such as aeronautics, automotive, medical, Consumer Goods and Quality of Life, the winning projects offer a complete picture of the value chain of the materials compounds.

The ceremony of the JEC Innovation Awards, will reward 29 innovative projects on Tuesday, March 8 at 17:00.

In the category of thermosetting resins, Huntsman Advanced Materials has won by the development of a high performance thermosetting resin  associated with an innovative molding process that allows manufacturing structural epoxy resin parts  in less than 1 minute. This new technology developed by Huntsman Advanced Materials can meet the demands of automotive market conditions and consumer products.

Increasingly faster with high performance resins

Producing a large number of parts in a short time is common in the industry. However, molding parts with extremely lightweight and resistant materials such as composite materials in less than a minute, is quite a record!

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