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Improve Threaded Connection Performance With MOLYKOTE® P-3700 Anti-Seize Paste

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Direct response to market needs & trends

Threaded connections in high-temperature-exposed applications like turbines or turbochargers require health-friendly lubrication to avoid seizing and to provide proper tightening torque.

MOLYKOTE® P-3700 Anti-Seize Paste

  • Provides controlled friction during assembly
  • Makes threaded connections simple to release after long periods of time at elevated temperatures
  • Is environmentally friendly and health-friendly – no hazard labelling and precautionary statements
  • Is free of intentional chromium ingredients
  • Significantly reduces the formation of hexavalent chromium when used on alloys with high chromium content at T >300°C
  • Is free of any intentional calcium-based and magnesium-based ingredients

Performance Advantages

  • Significantly reduces the formation of hexavalent chromium when used on chromium containing alloys at >300°C
  • Wide service-temperature range: -30°C to 900°C
  • Excellent heat resistance: Fully functional anti-seizing property up to 900°C; higher temperatures were not tested
  • Provides controlled friction during assembly, supporting exact tensioning

MOLYKOTE® P-3700_tensioning

  • Very good load-carrying capacity: 4-ball weld load of ~3,000 N

Reliable, safe operation of gas & steam turbines, turbochargers

Sustainability Features

  • Provides durable, decades-long performance, enabling maintenance after long periods of time at elevated temperatures to minimise material usage and waste
  • Equipped with a friendly EHS profile (hazardous label-free) while still providing high performance under stress
  • Prevents the formation of hazardous substances, even in high-temperature applications

Technical Information

Screw Testing

MOLYKOTE® P-3700 Anti-Seize Paste provides repeatable constant forces over multiple tightenings (5), independent of screw type.

screw testing_molykote P-3700

screw test_molykote P-3700

New MOLYKOTE® P-3700 Anti-Seize Paste successfully suppresses yellowish hexavalent chromium formation at high temperatures while still offering fully functional anti-seizing properties.

P-3700 was designed primarily for gas/steam turbine applications. Here temperatures above 900 °C are very unlikely respectively do not exist. Higher temperatures have not been tested.

Preliminary Technical Data

technical data_molykote P-3700

Product Summary

Key Features

  • Excellent anti-seize property, even after exposure up to 900°C
  • Controlled friction during assembly, supporting exact tensioning
  • High-purity paste

Benefits to Customers

  • Significantly reduces Cr(VI) formation when used on alloys with high chromium content at T >300°C
  • Threaded connections are simple to release after long periods of time at elevated temperatures
  • Environmentally friendly and health-friendly – currently free of hazards
  • Global availability

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