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The Antala Technical blog is a resource for manufacturers and engineers across the automotive, transportation, energy and general industry.

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As well as useful information, tips and recommendations on using industrial adhesives and sealants.

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How to bond Phenolics

In this article we explore the best adhesives used to reliably bond phenolics. Phenolics are a group of very hard materials manufactured by administering phenolic

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How to bond Silicone - Permabond

How to bond silicone

Silicone is a rubber-like elastomer with low surface energy, which can make it difficult to bond to substrates. Two recommended adhesives are those with a

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Industry 4.0

Welcome to Industry 4.0

The latest trend in manufacturing combines automation and data exchange, also known as Industry 4.0. This industrial revolution is set to change the way suppliers,

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How to bond glass ceramic - Feature Image

How To Bond Glass Ceramic

Glass ceramic is one of the most versatile materials, combining the properties of glass and polycrystalline. Extremely resistant to thermal shock, its applications range from cooker

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Introducing the WipeMaster range

WipeMaster Range Table of ContentsWipeMaster Range Wet WipesWipemaster WIPE 9Features & Benefits Wipemaster Non-woven wipesWipemaster WX100Features & Benefits Managed SystemsFeatures & Benefits We are pleased to announce

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Dow Corning EA-2626

Dow Corning EA-2626 2K Silicone Adhesive

2K Silicone Adhesive Dow Corning EA-2626Table of Contents2K Silicone Adhesive Dow Corning EA-2626Basic characteristics of Doss-K seriesRTV 2K Silicone AdhesiveBenefits over the single-component silicone adhesive RTVMarketsAutomotive

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