Insulating varnishes and impregnating resins are a key element in transformer, motor and generator production. Impregnating resins and varnishes are used for electrical insulation, thermal stability and to maintain structural integrity.

The Xiameter range of electrical impregnating varnishes and silicone resins provide good dielectric properties, environmental protection and long service life, offering reliability and lower operating costs.

Xiameter Impregnating Varnishes and Resins

Xiameter RSN-0996 Varnish  

The silicone resin in xylene forms a protective coating that enhances the performance and lifespan of  electronic components such as motor stator coils, transformer windings, wire resistors, electromagnets and generator coils.

 Impregnating Varnishes and Resins for TransformersXiameter RSN-0996 can be cured at temperatures from as low as 150°C and has little varnish runoff during cure. The silicone varnish improves heat transfer and dampens any vibrations in the windings, while preventing moisture, dust and contaminants between the coils and components.

The material maintains good insulating properties continuously at 220°C for 10 years. This can help  extend service life and prevent motor failure and equipment downtime. The silicone varnish is suitable for AIEE Class 220 C equipment.

Xiameter RSN-0996 Resin was previously named Dow Corning 996 Varnish.

Xiameter RSN-0997 Resin

Xiameter RSN-0997 silicone impregnating resin provides excellent electrical properties and moisture resistance combined with easy processing and versatility. The silicone resin has flexible cure schedules and can be thinned to meet application requirements for generator coils, solenoids and motor stator coils.

Impregnating Varnishes and Resins for motors

The high performance silicone resin has good bond strength retention and long service life, making it reliable even at 220°C hottest spot temperature.

Xiameter RSN-0997 meets military specifications, MIL-I-24092B for resin systems that are used to insulate and bond electrical coils and windings.

Xiameter RSN-0997 Resin was previously named Dow Corning 997 Varnish.

Xiameter RSN-0994 Varnish

Xiameter RSN-0994 is a silicone electrical varnish for coating glass cloth and sleeving, as well as being used as a bonding resin for mica-glass products.

Xiameter Silicone FluidXiameter RSN-0994 is heat and water resistant and when used to impregnate glass cloth, the varnish retains its flexibility and electric strength, even when exposed to temperatures of 250°C for one year. The silicone varnish is suitable for AIEE Class 220 C insulating materials.

Xiameter RSN-0994 Resin was previously named Dow Corning 994 Varnish.

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