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JAX Micronox® Technology

JAX Micronox® Technology, is a ground-breaking advance in food-grade lubricant technology that provides exceptional protection against microbial contamination in food and beverage processing plants.

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Micronox® Industrial Lubricants 

JAX Micronox® Technology is a proprietary, registered antimicrobial preservative that is incorporated into JAX’s USDA/NSF-registered H1 lubricants. This development protects Micronox® lubricants from JAX Micronox® Technology being a potential source of microbial contamination or degradation, making them a superior choice for food and beverage processing plants. Micronox® antimicrobial agents combat bacteria, yeast, and mould, providing immediate and significant protection against microbial colonies, in addition to traditional biostatic colony growth inhibition. This advanced technology is effective for any food or beverage plant’s quality control or hazard analysis and critical control points — HACCP — program and is a groundbreaking advance in food-grade lubrication. Due to concerns about public health claims that the industry has today, it should be noted that; although JAX Micronox® Technology provides protection for the lubricant against contamination or degradation by bacteria from food, it does not protect users or others against these bacteria. 

How does JAX Micronox® Technology Compare to Other Food-grade Lubricants? 

Micronox® Technology offers several unique advantages over other food-grade lubricants, including:

  1. Unsurpassed performance in preserving and protecting food-grade lubricants from microbial contamination or degradation, particularly in meat, poultry, and other meat processing environments.
  2. Provides immediate and significant knockdown of microbial colonies, in addition to traditional biostatic growth inhibition. This makes it ideal for various food processing equipment and machinery, as well as high-temperature aseptic processing environments.
  3. Micronox® is a proprietary, registered antimicrobial preservative that is incorporated into JAX’s USDA/NSF-registered H1 lubricants. It is authorised by the FDA under 21 CFR 178.3570 for use in “Lubricants with Incidental Food Contact”.
  4. Micronox® is stable and retains its antimicrobial activity in acidic, neutral, and alkaline media, and in the presence of proteins, fats, and oils, protecting the lubricant from contamination by foodborne microorganisms and inhibiting contamination and degradation of the lubricant.
  5. JAX has been a pioneer in the field of food-safe lubricants for over 60-years and was the first to introduce food-grade lubricants to the market in 1962, as approved by the United States Department of Agriculture. 

Research & Product Development

JAX  has an over 60-year commitment to Research & Development and is continually bringing improved products and new technologies to market. JAX’s expert chemists, engineers, and laboratory technicians work tirelessly with customers and industry leaders on product development, predictive maintenance, and used oil analysis. JAX’s flexibility, dedication to continuing education, and response times set the brand apart and contribute to exciting developments in food-grade lubrication such as JAX Micronox® Technology.

High-quality Lubrication Technology

JAX has earned a reputation as a global supplier of high-quality, state-of-the-art lubricants. By using the latest technology in laboratory equipment to verify that all raw materials and finished products undergo a complex series of quality control tests to ensure that they meet only the highest of industry standards. 

Choose JAX for Food-grade Lubrication

JAX Lubricants is a pioneer in high-performance food-grade lubrication, with innovations such as JAX Micronox® Technology and state-of-the-art, food-grade greases. JAX, is a company committed to continuously improving products and bringing new technology to market through their longstanding commitment to research and development.

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